Sunday, July 17, 2011

Streamers & Poppers

Not uncommon for a mid-July evening, we gathered together to celebrate the birthdays of Jon's mom and sister-in-law.  Mary and Beth chose a pizza party to the delight of all... especially the 5 and younger crowd.  However, this year a new dimension was added to the July birthday celebration.  Mary had plenty of noise-maker/kid-friendly fireworks on hand, so we headed to the front porch to get the wiggles out with exploding streamers and the sounds of pop, Pop, POP!      

 Following Daddy's demonstration, Caleb gives it a try and the streamers fly!

When it comes to poppers if throwing doesn't accomplish a LOUD pop - then STOMP!  It worked for Caleb.  Unfortunately, most of my pictures came out blurry because of the flurry of activity.  So you'll have to take my word for it, but Rachel was hilarious.  She'd get a whole handful of poppers and throw them at once to hear a BIG pop.  Jeremiah put all of his on the ground and jumped on them.  Cousins Allison and Josh got in on all the party action too.  Hmmm... wonder if this is a new tradition?

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