Monday, July 11, 2011

Off and Reading!

Bible in 90 DaysThe Bible that is - seriously, could there possibly be material any better???  Today began the Bible in 90 Days Challenge.  At last report, I'm reading the Bible from Genesis to Revelation over the next 3 months with 1123 of my closest cyber friends.  Hahaha!  I say that jokingly, but actually, I've already connected with new people.  Want to join????  There's still time!  Click HERE.

I believe, community is absolutely key in completing the challenge.  During my last attempt, I neglected my group - especially when I fell behind.  I had hoped my mentor would have reached out to me and realized I was floundering, but I'm an adult, responsible for my own actions (or in this case inaction) so no one to blame but myself. 

Due to some technical glitches today on the MomsToolbox site and even during the Twitter party, I'm unsure as to the response of the group I'm reading with and haven't "met" them all.  It is my prayer that participation will be 100% and we can spur one another on.  Encouragement and prayer are such great gifts to give and receive.

Today's reading came from Genesis 1-16.  It is reminiscent of Sunday School classes and flannel graph characters: Adam & Eve, Noah, Abraham, Sarah, and Lot.  Genesis is home of these church story classics.  As adults, I think, it is easy to say, oh we've been there done that, and chalk it up to something for children.  However, something I took away from Ken Ham who spoke at the CHEK conference, we need to change our mentality... not stories because the connotation is fiction.  The words in Genesis are historical accounts.

From these chapters, here are my take aways...
  1. There is nothing random about creation.  God is a God or order and design.  See the direct correlation: days 1, 2, 3 create the environment in which the creations of days 4, 5, and 6 live.
  2. Even from the beginning, God is moving us from darkness into light.
  3. God introduces the idea of Sabbath.
  4. God is Creator, and all HE creates is good.
  5. Man and woman are created in the very image of God.
  6. Sin is not a creation of God.
  7. Eve is the reason we now need epidurals :-)  Adam gets the blame for thorn bushes and poison ivy!
  8. Genesis depicts the Fall of Man and our need for the gospel... a Savior... Adoption and Redemption!
  9. Living for God goes against the grain of the world...  they may call the ark and it's builder crazy, but they are the ones looking for the lifeboats when it is too late.
  10. Covenant relationships between God and Man are introduced. 
  11. God's promises never fail.
  12. We are one race - the HUMAN race.
  13. God is a God who pours out tremendous blessings on His people.
  14. Age, ability, talents aren't what God esteems, He desires our obedience.
  15. Women... we are all about the timeline, aren't we?!  Girls, let's learn a lesson from impatient Sarah and the predicament she created when sending Abraham her maidservant, Hagar .  Ladies, oh, how we I must learn to wait on the Lord!


Stef Layton said...

love your honesty - I tried last session and slowly pulled back from the twitter parties and group interaction - which lead to major forgetfulness and laziness.

praying you .. WE finish in Oct.!

(group 33)

Our Family for His Glory said...

Hurray! I've joined too! I'm also uncertain of my group, but will pray for you as we start!!