Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Orphan Sunday Launch

Today, July 27, 2011, is the OFFICIAL launch date for Orphan Sunday 2011 which will be held November 6, 2011.  Today, all information on the website is complete and up to date.  I encourage everyone to spend some time navigating the website becoming familiar with all that is available - including this powerful 2 minute video.

I encourage every church to host an Orphan Sunday event. For some, the word "EVENT" strikes fear, but please know that we don't consider an event only to be something huge and extravagant. An Orphan Sunday event at your church may be a small group of people getting together to pray, showing the video above in your church service, having a school supply or shoe drive for underprivileged children, making child sponsorship packets available, etc. There is NO RIGHT OR WRONG way to have an event and NO EVENT TOO BIG OR TOO SMALL. Orphan Sunday is quite simply a joint effort to raise awareness among churches for the need to act in obedience to God's command to DEFEND the cause of the fatherless! At least for ONE DAY, let us raise ONE VOICE for ONE PURPOSE!

Do you find your interest peaked or your heart stirred?  Are you convinced that an EVENT is doable?  If so, you are probably wondering where to start.  I point you to the EVENT IDEAS page.  You will find simple to elaborate real-life examples.  You will also be introduced to a brand new addition this year, Partnership Packages, which pair you with a trusted ministry to help you build an Orphan Sunday idea.  It's an event in a box so to speak, and you can rest assured that the Christian Alliance for Orphans partner that you choose will be totally devoted to the cause of the orphan.

Another section of the website, you will want to explore is the RESOURCES page.  There you will find FAQs, PSAs, videos, prayer and Bible study guides, sermon outlines, songs and hymns, PowerPoints, bulletin inserts, posters and flyers, web banners, and t-shirts.  You will most definitely find items of great use on this page! 

Also new for Orphan Sunday 2011, The Orphan's Table allows you the opportunity to partake in a typical orphan's meal.  Experiences are lasting and memorable! leave an imprint on the hearts of those involved in this meal as they pray for the orphans who barely survive on something similar.  This could be especially impacting paired with viewing the Live Event, a one-hour webcast connecting Christians worldwide in guided prayer for the most vulnerable and a time of worship led by Jon Egan of the Desperation Band.  The webcast will stream live on the Orphan Sunday website, November 6, 2011 at 6 PM Central Time.

I pray that you will approach your church leaders, Sunday School class, small group, women's ministry, etc. to get involved in Orphan Sunday.  Get an event planned.  If you need help, feel free to contact me, or find a coordinator in your area.  Then, be sure and get your event added to the MAP.  We want to feel the whole world with red pins.  I'm already so encouraged by the number of international events on the map... scroll down and read the list!  Kenya is on the ball!!!! God is sooo good!
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