Saturday, July 9, 2011

Return of The Homeschool Mother's Journal

A few times during last school year, I participate in a weekly meme hosted by The Homeschool Chick.  I believe, I actually linked up a couple times.  As my goal is to be more intentional in teaching this year... (It's 1st grade this year.  We're in the big time now!) I think this will be a great way for me to keep a record of some of the things we do as well and my thoughts at the time.  Now, this is the summer edition, so the topics aren't as school oriented as they will be in the coming weeks.

In my life this week…
We are transitioning as a family to what our "new normal" will be.  Jon is no longer balancing school, full-time ministry, and a 40 hour work week as an RN in the operating room.  Do we have our new routing locked in place and know exactly what a typical week will look like?  No, but who am I kidding?  When have we ever been typical?  Anyway, I assume it will take us a few weeks to get adjusted to this new way of living. 

This week's events included...

  • Our GCC farewell and God and Country service
  • Fireworks
  • A Playdate and Lunch with friends
  • Seeing the CARS 2 at our local theater as a family
  • Storytime at PSPL
  • Jack and The Gentle Giant Puppet Show
  • HYPE Gym & Swim
  • Dinner with the Redmon's
  • Light Will Rise Brunch for Mom
I am inspired by…
The community that is forming among the Ethiopia Adoptive Families through Light Will Rise.  We have only just begun, but the enthusiasm and great response we have had is so very encouraging.  I'm excited to "do life" with these great families, but most importantly, I'm looking forward to working with these great people to meet the needs of vulnerable children as well as address the root causes of the orphan crisis.  I pray God works mightily through this growing community.  He is the Father to the fatherless, and we seek to serve Him always!

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing...
The upcoming week has us celebrating birthdays of family and friends, enjoying an ice cream social with our adoption care group, and visiting my Mama Spaulding.

Things I’m working on…
Plans for the upcoming school year, organizing materials, and purchasing the last few supplies and curriculum still needed.

I’m reading…
It's Not Okay With Me by Janine Maxwell
Orphanology by Tony Merida and Rick Morton

I’m grateful for…
Windows and doors God is opening allowing my family to be involved in new ministries.

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Jen said...

Following from the TOS Review Crew! This journal thing sounds like something I need to check out!