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Reading Kingdom (TOS Review)

Reading Kingdom logo photo readingkingdomlogo_zps9012735a.jpg

According to the Department of Education, 2 out of 3 children fail to become proficient readers.  What???  How is this the status quo?  I'm sure reasons such as this contribute to why many of us choose to homeschool.  We want a different outcome for our children and are always on the lookout for resources, tools, and programs that will aide us in this endeavor.  Let me introduce you to one.

Dr. Marion Blank, a reading expert known worldwide, has created an online program designed to teach 4-10 year olds how to read and write to a third grade level.  Unlike other programs, Reading Kingdom incorporates elements of both phonics and whole language while teaching additional skills needed to achieve reading and writing success. Rather than requiring kids to learn numerous complicated rules, it utilizes the six skills method for reading which teaches the rules implicitly.  Sequencing, motor skills, phonemic awareness, meaning, grammar, and reading comprehension are all areas of focus within the program.  Using this unique model, the online program can support any and all reading/writing curriculum available.  For this reason, it is being used successfully in homeschools, preschool - 3rd grade classrooms, ESL programs, and special education classes. 

I was generously given accounts for all three of my children.  Each one has used the program.  From just our short review period, I can see the benefits and am looking forward to continuing to use this program in our homeschool. 

When beginning the Reading Kingdom program, parents are given the direction to allow the kids to complete this program on their own.  With the exception of answering basic operating questions (mouse/keyboard), the parents are to take a backseat.  Hard for a helicopter Momma not to be more hands on, rephrase, or give additional directions, but by design, this program is meant for the child to complete on his own at his pace. 

To begin, the kids took a placement survey.  The first part evaluates reading readiness by testing the student's ability to sequence.  Then, typing skills are evaluated.  

Reading Kingdom screenshot photo readingkingdom4screenshot_zps4c5404a8.jpg

Reading Kingdom screenshot photo readingkingdom3screenshot_zpsc60cb6fc.jpg

Reading Kingdom screenshot photo readingkingdom1screenshot_zps12d9dd06.jpg

The best reader of my three had the worst typing skills.  To his frustration, he had to spend some time improving upon his hunting and pecking tactics before getting into the reading aspect of the program.  During this time he was quoted, "Mom, is Reading Kingdom suppose to be fun?"  He was wanting more of a video game atmosphere.  However, he moved quickly through the typing portion, and soon landed at the appropriate reading level (much farther along than the other two).  Then, he wasn't quite as disturbed about using the program.  The bonus... he now has knowledge of and familiarity with the order of letters on the keyboard, the space bar, punctuation marks, CAPS LOCK, and the shift function. 

Reading Kingdom screenshot photo readingkingdom2screenshot_zps523e6256.jpg     Photobucket
Photobucket     Photobucket

Time is not wasted continually reviewing prior knowledge but constantly offers new challenges.  Reading Kingdom will customize to match each child's ability.  Therefore, the student can work autonomously and the program will continue to adjust throughout to align with the child's skill level.  The program is designed to minimize error.  If and when error occurs, specific techniques are offered to overcome the problem. 
For my daughter, who is fearful of making mistakes, the continual positive reinforcement was very motivating.  The applause and kudos heard from the computer were encouraging to her.  She sat in front of the screen with a huge grin on her face. 

On average, the lessons take 15-30 minutes to complete.  If the child needs to pause or stop the program, there are buttons located at the top of the screen.  Upon returning, the kid student will return to where he left off.  The pause feature was especially helpful for my fidgety kiddo who inevitably had to go to the bathroom in the middle of each lesson.  So fear not... even a case of the wiggles won't interfere :)

The program is intended to be used 4-5 times per week.  At this pace, the entire program can be finished in a 12-15 month time span.  That is pretty impressive since the program goes through a third grade level!  Of course, an important reminder for us all:  There is never a rush and children should be allowed to progress naturally at their own pace!!!

On the Reading Kingdom website there is a tab I don't want you to miss!  Be sure and view all the available Resources.  In this section, you will find videos, tutorials, and answers to your questions.  Holiday-themed worksheets, interactive games to practice comprehension, sight-word study, activities, and recommended books are all included.  There are even weekly learning tips available.  This section could easily be missed, but it offers so much!

PhotobucketA risk-free Reading Kingdom account can be created and used free of charge for 30 days.  As always, I suggest you start with FREE before investing any money.  You want to make sure the program is a good fit for you child.  Afterwards, a subscription can be purchased for $19.99/mo or $199.99/yr for your first reader.  Additional readers are $9.99/mo or $99.99/yr.  You can also purchase books, kits, and other supporting resources in the Reading Kingdom Store

Having reviewed this program before, I only had one child working through it.  This time I used it with all three.  Even with their various learning styles and abilities, I saw that this program was beneficial to each of them.  We will continue to use this program in our homeschool.  Why don't you click the button below and see what other Schoolhouse Review Crew members are saying about Reading Kingdom?


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Thursday, August 15, 2013

All About Spelling Level 1 Giveaway

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Deluxe Spelling Interactive Kit

Here, at The Wellspring of Life, I'm giving away one of our tried and true, favorite homeschool curriculums.  The boys have both used All About Spelling Level 1, and Rachel will be using it this year.  It is a fantastic program!  So wonderful in fact, that I want YOU to win it! 

Enter now to win the All About Spelling Level 1 Teacher's Manual and Student Packet ($29.95) and the Level 1 Spelling Basic Interactive Kit ($29.95)  Almost $60 value - WOW!!!!

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Our host, Intoxicated On Life, has put together a grand prize worth nearly $1,000. This package includes art, music, history, science, Bible resources, writing, and more from these fantastic companies:
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Draw to Learn (Review)

 photo notgrass_logo_zps18b23376.jpg
Veteran homeschoolers, Ray and Charlene Notgrass, began publishing homeschool curriculum in 1999.  The desire of the Notgrass Company is to educate the "heart, soul, and mind" of all ages.  This mission is accomplished by providing many curriculum choices covering art, history, economics, civics, government, literature, and the Bible.  They have K-8 resources and high school products available.
 photo untitled2_zps9392029d.jpg
Our family was able to review the entire Draw to Learn series: Draw to Learn the Life of Jesus, Draw to Learn Acts , Draw to Learn the Letters of Paul, Draw to Learn Psalms , and
Draw to Learn Proverbs. We received them all in e-book format and also received a physical copy of Draw to Learn Proverbs.  The physical copies of The Draw to Learn series retail for $14.95.  All of the Notgrass Company's consumable workbooks are now available in e-book format as well.  Each of the titles in the Draw to Learn series can be purchased for $9.95.  When you purchase one of the e-books, the Notgrass Company grants you permission to print copies of the pages for use with your own household.  This is wonderful for my family.  It is definitely a cost-efficient option if you are using the curriculum with multiple students.

This series leads children through Scripture reading, makes a summary statement of the passage, and prompts the student to respond through drawing.  Some of the tasks are basic recall, but others are thought-provoking and provide real-life application.  We found that the series would really be appropriate for all ages.  The bulk of the work is obviously drawing, but a parent could help with the minimal writing required if the product is used with younger students.

I admit that when I first opened the product I was a bit underwhelmed.  I thought to myself, "Really?  I could do this!"  Read Scripture, hand the kids a piece of paper, and have them draw.  Actually, a lot of us could probably pull this off, but have you?  or how often have you?  While the concept is simple, I came to the realization that this is a phenomenal product for a number of reasons.  1.) I have and never would have/find the time to tackle such a task.  2.)  I wouldn't have it all organized and ready on hand for ease of use.  3.)  I probably would lose steam and be unable to come up with that many original prompts.

After using the product with my children, I see how it encourages them to truly absorb and interact with Scripture.  It is teaching them to find the meat and meaning even in the shortest of verses.  They are applying the words to their lives and hiding them in their hearts.  It really is a joy to see.

Throughout the summer, I selected a variety of individual pages from the 5 different e-books and printed them for the children's use.  Now, that our school year is back in full swing.  I have decided to begin each school day with a Draw to Learn lesson.  We are working through the 150 lessons in Draw to Learn Proverbs.  We are learning about wisdom, understanding, speech, and daily Christian living.  Currently, I have Rachel working in the spiral-bound physical book.  I print off the pages from the e-book for the boys.  However, my intent is to have the finished product bound as well.  I think these will make beautiful keepsakes for the children for years to come.

In my opinion, the Draw to Learn series is really a precursor to journaling through the Bible.  It is establishing good habits now that will carry my children throughout their lives.  It reinforces that the Bible is absolutely alive and well and the place to turn for answers to questions, encouragement, and strength.  I recommend clicking below to see what other Schoolhouse Crew members are saying about their experiences with the Notgrass Company.


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Schoolhouse EXPO Ticket GIVEAWAY - ENDS 8/14!!!

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Bible Study for All Ages (Review)

 photo logo_zpsd228aed3.pngWhen deciding whether or not to reapply to be a Schoolhouse Review Crew member for 2013, there was the possibility of reviewing one product that swayed me more than any other...  Bible Study Guide for All Ages.  This is a curriculum that can be used in homeschools, Christian schools, Christian education programs, churches, family Bible studies, etc.  All ages (3 through adult) can use the curriculum to simultaneously study through the Bible.  The same Biblical accounts and passages of Scripture are taught to all through lessons tailored specifically to the needs of each individual age group.

My parents' church uses Bible Study Guide for All Ages in their Sunday School program, and my kids have always loved it when visiting with them.  I was thrilled that our family was chosen to review the Primary Level Student Pages and Teacher's GuideChildren's Songs CD Set and Bible Book Summary Cards.  The primary level is targeted for 1st-2nd graders.  This is perfect since Rachel is a 1st grader now, and even though my boys are 3rd graders, I had them work at the same level mainly for management ease on my part.  All three of my kids worked well in this program and enjoyed the studies thoroughly.  In fact, we have all been so pleased, that it is my intent to continue using this curriculum throughout our school year.  Time to order the next unit!!!

Bible Study Guide for All Ages is comprised of 416 lessons, but they are purchased in 26 lesson units.  At a suggested pace of 2 lessons per week, the curriculum will take 4 years to complete.  Since we averaged 20 minutes for each lesson, we are actually planning to incorporate the Bible studies into each homeschool day. 

 photo primary-teacher-guide_zps3f764220.jpg
The Primary Teacher's Guide ($9.95) leads the teacher through the 6 parts of the lesson.  The parts are labeled using A-F on the student pages. 
  • A:  Review - pretty self-explanatory.  In this section, the children have activities that allow them to draw on prior knowledge and review people, places, etc. they have already learned.
  • B:  Memory Work - Naturally, we assume this would be Scripture verses, but it includes more.  Students memorize facts about people in the Bible, focus on the happenings in individual books of the Bible, etc. 
  • C:  Things to Know/Get Active - Object lesson time!  In this section, kids learn new terminology, cultural aspects, and historical background.  
  • D:  Today's Bible Text - This section introduces the Bible account for the day.  The story is told through comic like pictures on the student pages.  The comic boxes are numbered to correspond with the Teacher instructions.  As the story is read, the teacher will guide the students to circle, trace, color items in the boxes.  All of these tasks help the students to remain engaged and connected to the story.  
  • E:  Timeline/Map Work - The student pages contain both timelines and maps for the kids to color and label.  This allows the students to get a grasp of the chronology of the Bible and the area in which events took place in relationship to where we live.  
  • F:  Apply It! - How does the Bible lesson relate to everyday life?  The lesson concludes with an example that kids can relate to.  
 photo primary-student-pages_zps82bb3a12.jpg

Primary Student Pages are consumable, so you will need to order for each student.  These are very affordable at only $5.95 for each 26 lesson unit.  In my opinion, a great value!

 photo childrens-songs-cd_zps6d5f5503.jpg

While it is possible to use only the teacher's guide and student pages, the experience will be much richer if you add the optional Children's Songs CD Set ($19.95) and the Bible Book Summary Cards
($24.95).  Both of these items are often used in the Memory Work session of the lesson plan.  We found the songs enjoyable and easy to remember.  Still, the summary cards were my favorite because I see how they can be used again and again and in such a wide variety of settings.  They are a tremendous tool for learning and review.  

 photo bible-book-summary-cards_zps28dfa8ff.jpg

Reasons I LOVE Bible Study Guide for All Ages:
  • So often children's Biblical curriculum is taught as isolated stories, and kids lack the BIG PICTURE of the Bible.  Not so with this choice!  Students of all ages learn the links between the Old and New Testaments and come away understanding God's story of redemption and great love for His children. 
  • In every unit, there are lessons taken from both the Old and New Testaments.  Students are introduced to Jesus early on.
  • The lessons use the NIV translation which is what my children are most familiar with.
  • It is affordable!  When talking about consumables for 3 children, costs often add up quickly.  At only $5.95 per child/per 26 lesson unit, ordering for all 3 won't break the bank.  For that I am very thankful since we plan to continue using this curriculum.
  • The lessons offer a variety of activities.  Therefore, the kids are never bored.  God's Word is not stale or mundane but ALIVE and WELL!
You can obviously tell I'm a big fan, but I encourage you to read the review of others.  See how other families used the Primary level in their homes.  In addition, some crew members used the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels of the curriculum.  Check them all out by clicking below.


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Friday, August 9, 2013

The Legacy of Laura Ingalls Wilder DVD (Review)

Growing up, I enjoyed watching Little House on the Prairie.  In fact, I still do because if I want a warm fuzzy feeling or need a good cry Michael Landon and Melissa Gilbert always deliver.  I'm a horrible mother though because I have deprived my children of this wonderful TV series.  Now confession time, while I rocked some braids that could rival little miss Half-Pint's, even worse I have never read the original series of books authored by Laura Ingalls Wilder. (GASP!)  Ok... so I guess I'm the deprived one. 

In efforts to redeem my childhood, I added the books to our family read-aloud list.  Shortly after, the Schoolhouse Review Crew had the opportunity to review either Almanzo Wilder:  Life Before Laura or Little House on the Prairie: The Legacy of Laura Ingalls Wilder.  I jumped on the latter!

 photo legacydocumentaries_zps0971e3df.jpg
The mission of Legacy Documentaries is to create and deliver content so compelling it entertains, informs and shapes the lives of our viewers.  Who is the man behind the production of these documentaries?  None other than Almanzo Wilder... well, Dean Butler, the actor who portrayed Almanzo in the tv series. 

 photo legacyoflauraingallswilder_zpsafffba0c.jpg
Length:  1 hour
Format:  DVD
Recommended for all ages
Captivating cinematography, historic photographs, classic paintings, reenactments, interviews, and narration combine to create an hour long documentary that defies the common misconception that documentaries equal BORING.  The viewer both young and old, Laura fan or Little House novice, will be drawn in by the beautiful scenery, compelling music, and iconic story.  Laura Ingalls Wilder had much to share through her books, but we all have much to learn from her life.
We are reminded that life on the prairie didn't actually take place in hour long increments with a spattering of commercial breaks before a happy ending.  Instead, we're guided to think of the struggles of living off the land, facing the harsh elements, surviving crop failure, and dealing with poverty.  This is a reminder of the American past. 

While this documentary gives attention to the childhood and formative years of Laura Ingalls Wilder, it goes far beyond the stories chronicled in her books.  The viewer will come to know Laura - the wife, the mother, and the author. We learn of the relationship between Laura and Almanzo, the heart-wrenching experience of losing a baby boy, an often strained relationship with her daughter Rose, and the constant financial hardships.   
In the DVD, each of Laura's books are described.  The actual happenings in Laura's life and family are discussed.  Having not read the books, I found these "insider clues" particularly interesting.  Now when reading the books, I'll have a better idea of what is factual and what is fiction.  For example, the notorious antagonist I know from the show, Nellie, is actually based on not one but three girls Laura  knew as a child.  The use of composite characters was interesting.   
My thoughts:

Permanently ingrained in my brain are pictures of the actors and actresses from the television series, so I enjoyed the actual photographs of Laura and her family.  It removed the fiction element of the stories I love and reminded me that this is history.  Laura was a real person who accomplished great things... even when faced with adversity. 

Also, being a music geek, I must say that the original score was well-crafted.  The rise and fall of the melody followed the storyline and the chosen instrumentation set the tone beautifully.  Overall, it was pleasing to the ear and accompanied the telling of Laura's story perfectly.   

My kids:

Prior to the documentary, they were unfamiliar with Laura Ingalls Wilder.  Now, they find her to be an interesting lady.  After seeing the DVD, they are ready to read the book series together. 

Members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew reviewed Almanzo Wilder:  Life Before Laura or Little House on the Prairie: The Legacy of Laura Ingalls Wilder.  Click below to read the thoughts and experiences of other homeschooling families.  It is always great to get multiple opinions.


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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Being His Hands & Feet in the Community

In December, it seems our communities become inundated with hands and feet.  Charitable giving is at all-time highs.  Maybe because tis' the season for love, peace, and joy?  Maybe to ease guilty consciences who spent way to much at the mall on ME & MINE? or Maybe to ensure a tax right off just in the St. Nick of time? 

Whatever the motivation, as followers of Christ, we need to be mindful of the needs always around us... every month, every day!  If we desire to share God's love and point others to Him, we must model for and teach our children to serve all year long.  Within our communities, there are so many opportunities to get involved.  Just a few suggestions...

1) Volunteer to serve meals
Does your community have a soup kitchen or shelter?  Group home?  Usually families can serve together in these venues.  Whether dishing out food, clearing dishes, or chatting with the people everyone can be involved.

2) Volunteer to serve at clothes closets, food panties, pregnancy resource centers, etc.
Can your family volunteer time to sort and organize donations?  Could you help those in need shop for necessary items?  I know my kiddos have loved being able to help their grandparents stock canned goods at a local food pantry.

3) Have a drive and  collect items for local charities
  • canned goods/non-perishables
  • school supplies
  • toiletries and personal items
  • baby care items
  • fans/air conditioners in the summer
  • hats, scarves, gloves, and warm socks in the winter
One group of people that my kiddos have become keenly aware of are the homeless.  A couple years back, as a Sunday School project, we put together bags to keep in our vehicles to give to the homeless men and women we'd pass along the road.  The plastic bags contained bottled water, snack crackers, canned tuna, slim jims, small toiletries, $5 McDonald's gift cards, etc.  In our rural area, we actually didn't have a lot of opportunities to share these bags, but as we traveled into the more populated cities we always found those in need.
Since moving right outside of Nashville, our experiences with homeless people have greatly increased.  The kids are quick to point out anyone they see with a cardboard sign.  Whether we pass a bag or a few bucks out the window or purchase one of the $1 news publications being sold, we are able to ask the person's name and pray that God blesses them.  Our children are learning to look all people in the eyes and know that each and everyone is a cherished, loved child of God. 
In what ways do you serve your community as a family?  How are you modeling and teaching your children to be His hands and feet?

I'm blogging 5 Days of Being His Hands & Feet as a part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew's 5 Days Blog Hop.  Be sure and check out my previous posts in this series Being His Hands & Feet Through Sponsorship , Being His Hands & Feet Globally (from right where you are). and Being His Hands & Feet in Times of Tragedy.  There are some phenomenal bloggers participating in this blog hop and so many fabulous topics.  I guarantee you will find something of interest to read. Click below!

Summer Blog Hop

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Being His Hands & Feet In Times of Tragedy

School shootings, bombs, war, natural disasters.... the daily news bombards us with tragedy after tragedy.  In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing, a quote from Fred Rogers went viral:

When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.

I loved these words.  They offer comfort and hope to all of us... especially our children.  A step further, because of the knowledge and love of Jesus, I want my children to know that they too can be helpers and minister to other in times of need. 

Because we have forgone cable this year, my kids really hadn't seen or heard about the tornadoes in Oklahoma.  Then, an opportunity to help arose within one of our homeschool groups, so I explained to the kids the situation.  The group was collecting items to send.  When rattling off suggestions, the kids stopped me at baby supplies.  With a baby in our home, they knew how important these things were, so we gathered diapers, wipes, disposable diaper bags, and paper towels. 

With our donations, the kids also created cards with messages of hope and encouragement.  Some spelling help from Mom, but the words were from their hearts.  As a proud Momma, I took these pictures.  Little did I know that I would share the kids' own words with them later as a reminder of hope in our own trying situation.  God knew!


Tragedies can be on a grand scale... as the tornadoes.  Tragedy can affect one family or an individual.  Either way, for anyone in the midst of trials and struggles, we can extend generosity, love, and God's kindness. 

When a fire took the home and all the belongings of a family in our community, we gathered items in our home to donate... a set of dishes from the cupboards, clothes from the closet, etc.  It was the kids who went to their bookshelves and toy bins to find items to give away.  They did so with cheerful hearts.

When a neighbor's family was going through a divorce and having a hard time, we opened our home.  The kids loved having lots of extra play dates with their friends.  While they didn't understand the situation, they knew their buddies were hurting and were glad to offer a time of fun and distraction.  They invited their pals along to church camp as well, and they all has a great time.

When tragedy strikes, how can your children be the hands and feet of Jesus? When someone experiences a death in the family, we often take a meal.  Let your kids help prepare it or make some cookies to take along.  When an elderly neighbor becomes ill or is no longer able to get out and about, have your kids grab her mail, mow his yard, pick her flowers, or go over for a chat.  There are so many opportunities for our families to serve.  Please share your experiences in the comments!

I'm blogging 5 Days of Being His Hands & Feet as a part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew's 5 Days Blog Hop.  Be sure and check out my two previous posts in this series Being His Hands & Feet Through Sponsorship and Being His Hands & Feet Globally (from right where you are).  There are some phenomenal bloggers participating in this blog hop and so many fabulous topics.  I guarantee you will find something of interest to read. Click below!

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BrainFood Learning: The Fascinating World of Mammals (Review)

 photo 31477_411332758959489_253604783_n_zps2cd64016.png
BrainFood Learning developed out of Bryce and Jennifer Moodey's inability to find both entertaining and educational videos for their young children.  What makes these products unique is the teaching of content and facts that other videos shy away from or simplify believing such information to beyond small children's comprehension.  However, a stickler for using correct terminology and vocabulary, I truly appreciate that when teaching a subject the products don't "dumb-it-down"!  The mind of a child truly is a sponge.  If given the opportunity to learn, they will blow you away with what they can grasp and conceptualize. 

I'm pleased that our family had the opportunity to review the Fascinating World of Mammals DVD.

 photo mammals_front_500__556451320384055300400_zps4f7f14fe.jpg
52 minutes
Recommended for All Ages
The animals introduced within the video include:  the beaver, kangaroo, moose, dolphin, lion, giraffe, elephant, bat, chimpanzee, and bear.  Each one is shown in its natural habitat and explained in detail.  Children learn about the animal's surroundings, behavior, diet, lifespan, and identifying characteristics. 

Fascinating World of Mammals is a mix of still pictures and live video narrated by an adult female. The voicing is easy to understand and pitched in a pleasant range for comfortable listening.  On some of the pictures and in the review section, text appears on the screen.  Words are in a font and size that is also viewer friendly.
I found the organization of the DVD to be a strength.  A segment was dedicated to each animal.  Therefore, it is easy to go back and view an animal in isolation without having to rewind and fast forward.  Also, the review portion was divided into 5 sections.  For younger students, the flash cards may suffice while more advanced students could benefit from the fact or big word (vocabulary) reviews. 
Watch a short preview of The Fascinating World of Mammals below.

A recent addition, BrainFood Learning has developed curriculum to use in conjunction with their videos.  The Mammals Lesson Plans are available for free download.  You will find 16 pages of games, vocabulary review, questions/answers, quizzes, and writing activities.

Now to get the real review, I polled the experts... Jeremiah, Caleb, and Rachel :-)  First, I asked if they could tell me what makes an animal a mammal.  Their responses were right on the money:
  • They have hair.
  • They are warm-blooded.
  • They breathe with lungs.
  • They have live babies... don't hatch from eggs.
Happy that they grasped the main idea. I asked each of them to share what they learned and their favorite parts of the Fascinating World of Mammals

Jeremiah:  The dolphins are my favorite.  Dolphins use echolocation... bats and whales too.  Oh, and fruit bats eat avocados.

Caleb:  My favorite part was the questions at the end.  I learned that herbivores eat leaves and carnivores eat meat.  The beaver was my favorite animal or the kangaroo.  The end of the beavers teeth is made for chomping.  Kangaroos balance on their tails to kick.  When a beaver is scared, it slaps its tail on the water.

Rachel:  I like the monkeys (chimpanzees), bats, and bears. I know the monkeys (chimpanzees) can eat everything. 

Success!  They learned new information and enjoyed it in the process.  Click below to read other Schoolhouse Review Crew members' reviews.  While we reviewed the Fascinating World of Mammals, other families reviewed the Fascinating World of Insects and the Fascinating World of Birds.


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