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BrainFood Learning: The Fascinating World of Mammals (Review)

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BrainFood Learning developed out of Bryce and Jennifer Moodey's inability to find both entertaining and educational videos for their young children.  What makes these products unique is the teaching of content and facts that other videos shy away from or simplify believing such information to beyond small children's comprehension.  However, a stickler for using correct terminology and vocabulary, I truly appreciate that when teaching a subject the products don't "dumb-it-down"!  The mind of a child truly is a sponge.  If given the opportunity to learn, they will blow you away with what they can grasp and conceptualize. 

I'm pleased that our family had the opportunity to review the Fascinating World of Mammals DVD.

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52 minutes
Recommended for All Ages
The animals introduced within the video include:  the beaver, kangaroo, moose, dolphin, lion, giraffe, elephant, bat, chimpanzee, and bear.  Each one is shown in its natural habitat and explained in detail.  Children learn about the animal's surroundings, behavior, diet, lifespan, and identifying characteristics. 

Fascinating World of Mammals is a mix of still pictures and live video narrated by an adult female. The voicing is easy to understand and pitched in a pleasant range for comfortable listening.  On some of the pictures and in the review section, text appears on the screen.  Words are in a font and size that is also viewer friendly.
I found the organization of the DVD to be a strength.  A segment was dedicated to each animal.  Therefore, it is easy to go back and view an animal in isolation without having to rewind and fast forward.  Also, the review portion was divided into 5 sections.  For younger students, the flash cards may suffice while more advanced students could benefit from the fact or big word (vocabulary) reviews. 
Watch a short preview of The Fascinating World of Mammals below.

A recent addition, BrainFood Learning has developed curriculum to use in conjunction with their videos.  The Mammals Lesson Plans are available for free download.  You will find 16 pages of games, vocabulary review, questions/answers, quizzes, and writing activities.

Now to get the real review, I polled the experts... Jeremiah, Caleb, and Rachel :-)  First, I asked if they could tell me what makes an animal a mammal.  Their responses were right on the money:
  • They have hair.
  • They are warm-blooded.
  • They breathe with lungs.
  • They have live babies... don't hatch from eggs.
Happy that they grasped the main idea. I asked each of them to share what they learned and their favorite parts of the Fascinating World of Mammals

Jeremiah:  The dolphins are my favorite.  Dolphins use echolocation... bats and whales too.  Oh, and fruit bats eat avocados.

Caleb:  My favorite part was the questions at the end.  I learned that herbivores eat leaves and carnivores eat meat.  The beaver was my favorite animal or the kangaroo.  The end of the beavers teeth is made for chomping.  Kangaroos balance on their tails to kick.  When a beaver is scared, it slaps its tail on the water.

Rachel:  I like the monkeys (chimpanzees), bats, and bears. I know the monkeys (chimpanzees) can eat everything. 

Success!  They learned new information and enjoyed it in the process.  Click below to read other Schoolhouse Review Crew members' reviews.  While we reviewed the Fascinating World of Mammals, other families reviewed the Fascinating World of Insects and the Fascinating World of Birds.


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