Monday, January 28, 2013

Guest Posting at Teach Beside Me

Today, as part of the "Why Homeschool?" Series, I am guest posting on the Teach Beside Me blog.  I'd love for you to visit this wonderful site to read how an unlikely homeschooler like me came to the conclusion that it was in fact the best decision for our family.  In addition, I share my advice for new homeschoolers. 
After reading my article, I highly recommend you browse the blog.  Karyn has some fabulous posts, great homeschooling ideas, and plenty of encouraging words.  You will most likely become her newest follower!

Monday, January 21, 2013

8 is Great in KY!

Wow - I think I just barely blinked, but I'm now the Momma to an eight year old. Really, how did that happen? Oh, how Jeremiah has grown and changed these past 3 years. He is such a treasure! A big contagious smile, a goofy giggle, and a lust for life.

We celebrated with a weekend trip back to KY to be with family. Saturday night was a Spaulding birthday party complete with a Batman cake. Power rangers, Ninjago, Batman, Legos, Air Hockey, Nerf Guns, new shirts, and jeans... this boy is blessed!

After enjoying worship with what we still consider our church family at Southland, we headed to the Wells' for a combined birthday celebration. Jeremiah and cousin Josh are the January birthday boys. In all the excitement, I didn't get one gift opening pic. However, it was definitely a Ninjago Lego theme. The celebration was topped off with one of Jeremiah's faves... Chocolate Mousse Pie. Yum!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The View from the Top

With my crazy blood pressure issues at the end of pregnancy, Eden's arrival, the weather, etc., it seems we have been cooped up in the house for soooo long.  The kids have been bored and in great need of something to help them burn some energy.  The solution... a family outing and play date with friends at Pump It Up!  It was wonderful to be out and about among the masses again.

It was perfect.  The kids bounced and played on the inflatables with their new pals and had the best time.  The biggest surprise... two of my three ascended to new heights.  Never in a million years would I have dreamed either Caleb or Rachel would have the desire to scale the climbing wall, but they surprised me.  On Caleb's first attempt, he made it maybe 3 ft. off the ground.  I assumed it was a one and done, but shocker.. he wanted to try again.  Then, he made it ALL the way to the top.  I was blown away! 

Following big brother's lead, Rachel even decided to try.  She got maybe a third of the way up and couldn't quite figure out where to move next.  The descent was a little unnerving to her, but once to feet were firmly planted on the ground she was quite impressed with herself.  I was very proud of her for giving it a shot.  I'm not sure at 6 or 7 I would have been as brave as my kiddos.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Perfect Mom? Ha! - NO MORE!

Ok... who am I kidding?  I have NEVER been a PERFECT Mom.  In fact, none of us ever have been and/or ever will be able to garner that title.  Even still, we often succumb to this impeccable need to obtain this unattainable echelon of Mommydom.  We expect the minutes of our daily grind to yield Pinterest worthy projects, Facebook statuses boasting our children's unrivaled greatness and achievements, and tweets that generate a multitude of retweets touting our vast parenting wisdom.  Wow - what a warped sense of reality.  If we are honest, I think we could admit that there are days when we're just trying to maintain, stay-a-float, not scar our children for life, feed and clothe everyone, and if there is a moment left maybe take a shower :-)

No More Perfect Moms

Ladies, let's make 2013 the "No More Perfect Moms" year.  Inevitably, we're not going to get everything just right all the time, and whether or not they will ever admit it, the Super Mommas we so often compare ourselves to have their daily struggles and failures too.  (For some reason, they just aren't as blog worthy or photographically appealing... go figure!)  Say it again with me... There are No Perfect Moms!  Oh my, there is such freedom in knowing and embracing that fact. 


I'm thrilled to be a member of the launch team for Jill Savage's latest book, No More Perfect Moms.  A perk - I'm already reading the book :-)  It is my hope that you will do the same.  When it comes to Godly motherhood, I must say that Jill is a transparent, honest, mentor.  She does not write from a place of judgement but from a been-there-done-that-in-the-trenches understanding.  Her words are a great source of encouragement yet still challenging and thought provoking. 

If you find yourself stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, and tired from trying to be June Cleaver, Martha Stewart, The Pioneer Woman, etc. all wrapped up in one, I'd highly recommend you take a breather (actually a reality check!)  Consider joining me and many others by doing the following...

1.  Sign up for the "No More Perfect Moms" 31-Day Email Challenge.  Seriously, who couldn't use a month of daily encouragement?  This is a great way to set the stage before you read the book in February.

2.  Mark February 4th-9th on your calendar! This is the time to buy the book.  Why?  Good question...  Hearts at Home and Moody Publishers will be offer additional bonus materials worth more than $100 if you order/buy the book in that time frame.  Read more and sign-up for a reminder of the book release date

3. Be sure and visit the "No More Perfect Moms" websiteTake a gander and poke around a bit.  You can learn more about the book, Jill, Hearts at Home, etc.  Coming soon there will be video curriculum and leader's guide resources to accompany the book.