Monday, January 21, 2013

8 is Great in KY!

Wow - I think I just barely blinked, but I'm now the Momma to an eight year old. Really, how did that happen? Oh, how Jeremiah has grown and changed these past 3 years. He is such a treasure! A big contagious smile, a goofy giggle, and a lust for life.

We celebrated with a weekend trip back to KY to be with family. Saturday night was a Spaulding birthday party complete with a Batman cake. Power rangers, Ninjago, Batman, Legos, Air Hockey, Nerf Guns, new shirts, and jeans... this boy is blessed!

After enjoying worship with what we still consider our church family at Southland, we headed to the Wells' for a combined birthday celebration. Jeremiah and cousin Josh are the January birthday boys. In all the excitement, I didn't get one gift opening pic. However, it was definitely a Ninjago Lego theme. The celebration was topped off with one of Jeremiah's faves... Chocolate Mousse Pie. Yum!


Noteable Scraps said...

Did you used to go to Southland Christian Church in Lexington? I am a former member of the TOS homeschool crew and follow your blog for the homeschool stuff, but that name jumped out at me. I know it's a huge church, but I've had relatives and friends there through the years, and my grandfather used to be friends with the minister (decades ago!) It's a great church! :-)

Angela W. said...

When we lived in KY, Southland was our church. We miss it soooo very much! Whenever we are home for a visit, we make it a point to be there. You are right - it is a GREAT church!