Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Master Books Summer Reading Link-Up #1

While at the CHEK Conference, I picked up three new Master Books titles.

The Day the World Went Wacky by Janine Suter
Noah’s Floating Animal Park by Janine Suter
The Not So Super Skyscraper by Janine Suter

Each of these books shares about characters and events from the Bible through rhyme.  The illustrations and verse are humorous and engaging for kids.  Most importantly, the books all provide spiritual applications relevant today.  My three littles chuckled through each of these and have even been quoting a few of the one liners.

By reading these titles, my kids completed their reading for June in the Master Books Summer Reading Program.  They are excited to know there is a prize coming their way. Until then, we opted for some family craft time.  Online, I found Adam and Eve finger puppets.  After reading The Day the World Went Wacky, the kids colored, cut, and then had a great time playing.  Yes, there were some interesting color choices, but I wasn't in the Garden of Eden... so who knows what the shrubbery really looked like?  Possibly, my kiddos wild imagination is spot on :-)

We had a great time with these books.  Join us as we continue reading in July.  Check out Master Books suggested reading list

Monday, June 27, 2011

First of the Lasts

While we are looking forward to new ministry opportunities and are really eager to finally adjust to our new normal next Monday morning, we anticipate this Sunday - our last at GCC - to be an emotional day.  It's hard to say goodbye to those who have been such a HUGE part of our lives the past 9 years of Jon's ministry.  They have loved and supported us first as a couple and now as a family of 5.  We've all grown and changed over the years, and we count it a blessing that God has allowed us to serve alongside the GCC family for so long.  They will be forever in our hearts.  We love these wonderful people!

So... obviously, this week is a week of lasts.  Due to next week's God and Country service, this past  weekend marked Jon's LAST Sunday night preaching in the pulpit.  It was followed by our last Sunday night trip to Frisch's - the after evening service hang-out spot. Jon had to head home in order to keep his early bedtime... the alarm clock goes off way, way too early each morning, but the kids and I enjoyed our meal with great friends.  Here they are cheesing with 3 of their best buddies...  Ben, Beth, and John Darrell will be missed for sure!

Friday, June 24, 2011


Bible in 90 DaysB90X - TAKE TWO!!!!  Yes, you will remember in January I first posted about participating in MomsToolbox 90-Day Challenge to Read the Bible.  I was off to a great start, and then, life happened.  I got behind in my reading.  I got to a point where I was floundering far beyond the rest of the group.  In the last two weeks of the session I had grand delusions of an epic, colossal comeback.  However, that just wasn't possible.

Despite the fact that I am not a spring B90X graduate proudly displaying an "I Did It!" button on my blog or sporting the T-shirt, I do believe the experience was valuable.  I did walk away with a clearer picture of the Old Testament as a whole.  Some of the information I read helped me to better participate in Sunday School and Wednesday Night Bible Study discussions.  I enjoyed my time reading some of the more difficult sections of text to get through...  I made it through 2 Chronicles.

Now that I'm trying this program again, I'm already analyzing how this time will be different.  I've come up with a plan of action to set myself up for success and better ensure that I will complete the program this time around.

  1. Community - I will be placed in a group of fellow readers with a mentor.  The last session I did not utilize this group.  I checked in when I was successful, and I was on track.  However, as I got behind rather than reaching out for encouragement and tips from others, I simply reported, "I'm behind!" or "Still behind!"  This time I'm going to lean on others and utilize community.
  2. Devotions - Amy @ MomsToolbox provides some additional devotional thoughts to go along with our reading plans.  I will take time to read and digest these posts. 
  3. Twitter - Each week B90X participants had the opportunity to have a Twitter party and chat about the reading.  Now that I finally established a Twitter account, I can join in.  By the way... Are you following me yet?  @Wellspring_Life
  4. Blog - I'm actually going to try to blog weekly about my B90X experience:  What God is teaching me?  What He reveals in His Word?  Especially meaningful Scriptures, etc.
  5. Join me???
Yes, read #5.  I'd love for you to join me in this 90 Day Challenge to read the entire Bible.  On estimate it is about 12 pages a day...  roughly an hour of reading.  Just think... we can encourage each other along the journey.  Come on - you know you want too!  Sign up HERE!

Tweet, Tweet, Tweet!

Tweet, tweet, tweet...  look who is finally on Twitter.  Yes, it seems with some of the new opportunities and directions the blog will be going on a Twitter account would be very beneficial.  So... The Wellspring of Life is tweeting.  Don't you want to follow???  Of course you do.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Music & Dance

Many public libraries are hosting the "One World, Many Stories" 2011 Summer Reading Program.  My kiddos have already completed their first reading logs and were able to choose their prizes... a free book to keep for each :-)  In keeping with the summer theme, our local library is also offering some special programs for kids. 
We got to the gym early... waiting for the program to start.
We attended "Chinese Celebration" presented by CMDAP.  The kids got to watch both Chinese teachers and students perform various cultural dances.  They most enjoyed the dances that included swords and fans.  Friends of ours were even chosen to learn how to use the fans.

A woman also demonstrated and played a traditional Chinese instrument known as the pipa.  My children, mature 4, 5, and 6 year-olds that they are, found this quite comical.... especially since it is pronounces "pee-pah."  Pee... such a funny word when you are little!

Considering that the acoustics in the gymnasium were atrocious, the fact that the teachers English was oftentimes hard to understand, and that the program was fairly long, my kids did great!  I realize that it didn't hold their interest completely and they were hot, but exposure and appreciation for different cultures is very important.  I hope to instill a great love for ALL people in my children.  God loves us all!
While the Chinese Celebration wasn't the most entertaining experience, the kids definitely got excited about the music and dance they saw in the evening.  We headed to Southland Christian Church to see the Children's Ministry perform "Off The Hook."  Complete with large group dance numbers, praise and worship music, acting, great scenery and lighting, and a teaching segment, the kids had a blast.  We even ended up sitting near some of our adoption pals!  The kiddos learned a lot about forgiveness and are now card carrying members of "The Lucky Mugs Who've Been Let Off the Hook Club."  I love seeing my babies get so excited in worship!  Thanks SCC - great job :-)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

VBS 2011: Son Harvest

SonWorld LogoGCC's 2011 VBS sent my children to the SON HARVEST COUNTY FAIR.  Due to some other commitments, the kids were only able to attend Sunday through Wednesday night, but they enjoyed themselves thoroughly.  Who doesn't love to be with their friends playing games, creating crafts, and eating snacks? 
Most importantly, in their worship and class time, they focused on learning about the fruit of the spirit.  Adults and children alike can all use more love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control in our lives!

Jeremiah, Caleb, and Rachel ready for the Son Harvest County Fair.
VBS Opening Exercises and Worship
Craft Time
Caleb - "The Art-eest"
Recreation Time
Go Jeremiah!
Class Time with Ms. Jane
Snack Time...  ice cream after 8 p.m. - this never happens at home!

A Step Back in Time

Oh my... we chose one very hot, steamy day to travel back in time.  With friends Melissa and McKenzie joining us, we traveled to Harrodsburg to visit Old Fort Harrod.  Growing up just a couple counties away, this spot was a frequent field trip when I was younger.  Then, when I taught in the public schools, I took my students here as well.  This was a first time trip for Jeremiah and Rachel, and Caleb was just a toddler the last time he came.

The kids had a great time learning about life long ago and taking in the sites of the fort.  They played with primitive toys, petted the sheep, checked out Native American lodging, saw the natural spring, apprenticed at the blacksmith's, saw lye soap, brooms, and rag dolls being crafted, went to the schoolhouse, and stopped in some cabins.  Then, off to visit the museum.

It amazes me how Caleb oftentimes can't remember one thing I say or ask him to do, but he could literally rattle off the museum guides whole spill on Abraham Lincoln word-for-word.  Crazy, huh?  I guess selective hearing is something that plagues all children from time to time, but I'm so impressed by all they absorb and take in from our outings and jaunts about the state.  That's what it is all about... making memories and learning together.  I'm looking forward to what the rest of the summer holds!

Playing the Wii of time gone by :-)
Forget the hard stuff... Rachel knows how to get the ball in the hole!
Hungry anyone?
I couldn't help but think how so much of this visit wasn't so foreign to my Ethiopian cuties.
Caleb - the apprentice.
Jeremiah getting things done for the blacksmith.
Checking out the lodging at McGinty's Ordinary.
Lye soap
Broom making
Summer School
The kiddos holding down the fort.
The coolest tree ever!

Friday, June 17, 2011

A Pop-In at the Police Station

Six little ones found themselves in jail.

This Friday's outing landed the littles in jail.  Not sure of their crime, but from the looks of the picture they don't appear to be repentant or bothered by their imprisonment.  Probably, because this was just one photo op during our visit to the local police station. 

A kind officer took us on a tour of the facility including peeks into the evidence room, interrogation room, 911 dispatch, detectives offices, etc.  His gage on what was appropriate for kiddos might be a bit off...  he asked the 3-6 year olds if they watched the tv show, "COPS,"  talked about marijuana, showed what kind of boxes guns would be packed in.  Oops!  Still, he was nice, patient with the children, very accommodating, and made the experience enjoyable for all. 

He let the kids pile in the back of the squad car and demonstrated the lights and sirens.  He showed the kids some of his gear.  Then, back inside, he even took the time to fingerprint each individual child.  (I do hope that this isn't something they have repeated at any point in time!!!  Well, with the exception of an adoption... yes, it's a necessary step to complete the process.)

The kids had a great time and scored some loot.  The 911 dispatchers gave them all Frisbees and firehats.  The police officer gave them DARE stickers and police badges. 

The crew posing in front of the Police Dept.'s smart car.
In case you were wondering...
YES, it is possible to squeeze 6 kiddos in the backseat of a police car.

Taking it all in :-)
Miss Rachel being fingerprinted.
Jeremiah's turn.
Can't forget Caleb!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Game Farm Adventures

It's no secret... I'm not a natural really love nature kind of gal.  Oh I've roughed it, done some outdoor camping, been on mission trips, etc.  I can survive and even end up having fun; however, nature is not usually my very first choice.  Playing outside great, a trip to the zoo fine... nature walks, collecting seeds, bugs, etc. not so much!

No problem that I'm merely an admirer or one who appreciates Creation.  Even though I'm missing the Nature-Loving gene, I can usually find others who share my sentiments and/or we can find our opposites to fill in our gaps.  One such place to do so is the Salato Wildlife Education Center, which locals refer to as the Game Farm.  This is a frequent visit for my family.  1) It's free!  2) It's outdoors... the kids can see animals and love it. 3) It's a great place for a picnic.

After picnicking with good friends, we were off to see the animals.  Indoors, Miss Rachel surprised us all by being the brave one to repeatedly pet the snake.  It scares me how much she liked it.  Caleb on the other hand was enamored with a skunk let loose to meander through the crowd.  By the looks of how he had it cornered, I'm so VERY THANKFUL the critter was de-scented.

Outdoors, we posed for a group shot, took a nature walk, and visited the eagle, bear, bison, elk, wildcat, fish, deer, and turkeys. Currently, there is a baby bison (which we didn't see) and five fawns. Even, I admit, baby animals are cute :-)

Just before making our exit, one of the staff members caught our motley crew to inquire whether or not we'd be interested in collecting wild columbine seeds.  Since neither I nor my dear hubby possess green thumbs, I admit, there was no great lure in this opportunity.  However, the little ones were all about it, so obediently, we followed with itty, bitty, manila envelopes in hand.  The staff member instructed us in how to properly collect the seeds.  Then, a competition began to brew...  which kiddo could extract the most seeds?  Fear not, all children were sent home with ample seeds for us to plant (and me probably inadvertently kill).