Sunday, June 12, 2011

Our Firefighting Family

After a few days at Camp Calvary talking about hospitals, doctors and nurses, EMT's, 911, etc., our field trip to the firestation could not have come at a more perfect time. We joined some of our favorite friends and visited one of the local firestations.  We visited with and learned from some of Frankfort's local heroes. 

The firefighters greeted us with sirens and flashing lights.  While a bit loud for most of the little ears, the kiddos liked pulling the siren on the truck.  They climbed up in the seats and immediately buckled up - are they trained or what?  For the most part, they were content to hang out in the back, but everyone was sure to have a turn in the driver's seat. 

One of the firemen dressed in full gear to show the kids not to be scared if a fireman was to come to your door.  The littlest visitor, Miss Abby, wasn't so sure about the guy in the mask, but the others didn't seem afraid.  Then, the kids had a chance to try on the helmets and jackets.  The firemen also explained some of the equipment they carried with them and used.

I know the kids loved having free reign to employ all their senses.  To touch, feel, see, etc. is what leaves a lasting impression and really creates meaning.  I believe, the kids now truly understand that firetrucks aren't just cool toys that they get at holidays.  Also, firefighters are REAL community helpers concerned with the safety and well-being of others.  They can be trusted and will come to our aid if needed.  
 The helmet might be a tad bit too big Mr. Caleb.
 Caleb, Rachel, Rebecca, and Libby check out the inside of the firetruck.
 Caleb and Jeremiah testing out the driver's seat.
 My future firefighter sporting the necessary gear.
 Rebecca and Caleb learning about the equipment stowed away in all the truck's compartments.
One cheery little driver :-)

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Our Village is a Little Different said...

What a fun day! The pictures are great!

I'm stopping by and following form the TOS crew. :)