Thursday, June 23, 2011

Music & Dance

Many public libraries are hosting the "One World, Many Stories" 2011 Summer Reading Program.  My kiddos have already completed their first reading logs and were able to choose their prizes... a free book to keep for each :-)  In keeping with the summer theme, our local library is also offering some special programs for kids. 
We got to the gym early... waiting for the program to start.
We attended "Chinese Celebration" presented by CMDAP.  The kids got to watch both Chinese teachers and students perform various cultural dances.  They most enjoyed the dances that included swords and fans.  Friends of ours were even chosen to learn how to use the fans.

A woman also demonstrated and played a traditional Chinese instrument known as the pipa.  My children, mature 4, 5, and 6 year-olds that they are, found this quite comical.... especially since it is pronounces "pee-pah."  Pee... such a funny word when you are little!

Considering that the acoustics in the gymnasium were atrocious, the fact that the teachers English was oftentimes hard to understand, and that the program was fairly long, my kids did great!  I realize that it didn't hold their interest completely and they were hot, but exposure and appreciation for different cultures is very important.  I hope to instill a great love for ALL people in my children.  God loves us all!
While the Chinese Celebration wasn't the most entertaining experience, the kids definitely got excited about the music and dance they saw in the evening.  We headed to Southland Christian Church to see the Children's Ministry perform "Off The Hook."  Complete with large group dance numbers, praise and worship music, acting, great scenery and lighting, and a teaching segment, the kids had a blast.  We even ended up sitting near some of our adoption pals!  The kiddos learned a lot about forgiveness and are now card carrying members of "The Lucky Mugs Who've Been Let Off the Hook Club."  I love seeing my babies get so excited in worship!  Thanks SCC - great job :-)

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