Friday, June 17, 2011

A Pop-In at the Police Station

Six little ones found themselves in jail.

This Friday's outing landed the littles in jail.  Not sure of their crime, but from the looks of the picture they don't appear to be repentant or bothered by their imprisonment.  Probably, because this was just one photo op during our visit to the local police station. 

A kind officer took us on a tour of the facility including peeks into the evidence room, interrogation room, 911 dispatch, detectives offices, etc.  His gage on what was appropriate for kiddos might be a bit off...  he asked the 3-6 year olds if they watched the tv show, "COPS,"  talked about marijuana, showed what kind of boxes guns would be packed in.  Oops!  Still, he was nice, patient with the children, very accommodating, and made the experience enjoyable for all. 

He let the kids pile in the back of the squad car and demonstrated the lights and sirens.  He showed the kids some of his gear.  Then, back inside, he even took the time to fingerprint each individual child.  (I do hope that this isn't something they have repeated at any point in time!!!  Well, with the exception of an adoption... yes, it's a necessary step to complete the process.)

The kids had a great time and scored some loot.  The 911 dispatchers gave them all Frisbees and firehats.  The police officer gave them DARE stickers and police badges. 

The crew posing in front of the Police Dept.'s smart car.
In case you were wondering...
YES, it is possible to squeeze 6 kiddos in the backseat of a police car.

Taking it all in :-)
Miss Rachel being fingerprinted.
Jeremiah's turn.
Can't forget Caleb!

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