Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Whirlwind Trip

As soon as Jon got home from work Friday, we loaded our 3 little chickadee's in the van and were Tennessee bound.  We made a gas stop and a potty/fast-food stop.  Eating our Arby's while on the road, we pressed ahead to Greeneville and arrived in time to put the little ones to bed.  In fact, we weren't far behind, so we didn't see Jon's parents or Mamaw until morning.  Hmmm... they must have been enjoying the night life... oh wait, they were at the wedding rehearsal dinner :-)

After enjoying breakfast together and getting ready, we visited with Jon's Great Uncle and Aunt, Hugh and Rosetta.  It's always great to visit with them, and the kiddos had a fantastic time for sure.  They enjoyed a mid-morning popsicle treat.  Then, Hugh took them on quite the thrill ride in their eyes!  No fears though... my kiddos are all about seat belts.  After some rooting around, belts were found for all,  and they were buckled safely.  This ride by far was their highlight of the weekend.

Later, with some Little Caesar's pizza in our bellies and all gussied up in our Sunday finest, we were off to fulfill the purpose of our trip - Jon's cousin's wedding.  This marks the first event of this nature Jeremiah and Rachel have attended.  I asked Jeremiah if he knew what a wedding was and he responded, "It's when you marry!  Oh... and there's gonna be kissin!"  So... he's obviously got it figured out.  Rachel was quite impressed with Princess Elizabeth.  She loved the pretty white dress, but I think she was most impressed with Elizabeth's hair.  She kept saying, "I want that hair thing."  Hahaha

Elizabeth did make a beautiful bride, and we're quite proud of Drew!  Praying this new marriage will enjoy many years of wedded bliss.  Due to the fact that we had to be back for Sunday services, we were able only to make a brief appearance at the reception.  Then, we hit the road.  A whirlwind of a trip for sure, but the babes were super travelers and slept on the way home! 

Now... time for laundry and packing begins!  Oh yes, 4 of the Wells' 5 are headed to Camp Calvary tomorrow afternoon.  Fun, fun, fun!

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