Thursday, June 9, 2011

Camp Calvary - First Chance I

I grew up going to Camp Calvary as a camper, began working as faculty in my teen years, co-deaned three First Chance weeks, co-deaned the annual Ladies Retreat, and deaned 5 Sr. High Girls Retreats.  Yes, you could say that Camp Calvary is somewhat ingrained in me.  Still... nothing excites me more than for my children to now be campers and experience all that God does through Camp Calvary.  It truly is a wonderful place!

My kiddos are still little and I'm not so terribly old that I'd be totally uncool, so I tag along as a faculty member.  My brother was dean, so it became a family affair.  This is the first time that the kiddos were able to stay as campers more than just overnight.  We arrived Sunday afternoon, got our bunks made, and stuck around until Wednesday afternoon. 

The theme for the week was "Heartbeat Hospital."  The lessons taught the children that not only is Jesus a healer for our bodies, but He heals our hearts.  In classes and storytime, the kids learned about Jairus' daughter, the woman at the well, Lazarus, and the way that Jesus cared for each of them. 
My brother and I leading worship.

My kiddos in one of their classes.

There was a medical emergency at First Chance Camp.  A Mr. C.D. Melon was in great need of assistance.  He had all kinds of issues leading to a black and hardened heart.  Thankfully, the dean transformed into Dr. Spaulding for the evening and with the help of his trust surgical assistants he was able to perform a surgery ending with a pure, clean heart!  My littles enjoyed getting all of their garb on and assisting Uncle Matthew :-)

Jeremiah and his buddy Alex... inseparable the whole time!

Uncle Matthew (aka - Dr. Spaulding)

The Medical Staff

Each afternoon the kids had craft time where they made doctor bags and boo-boo buddies.  They had snack time and recreation.  The waterslide, swimming pool kickball, "Do You Love Your Neighbor?", Fruit Basket Upset, Red Rover, and Musical Chairs... the kids played games galore.  Although, carpet ball, swinging, and the playground were hotspots as well.  Caleb even mastered the monkey bars. 
Craft time!

Musical Chairs

Jeremiah just a swingin'

Caleb monkeying around.
The kids and I had a fantastic time at Camp Calvary. Many memories were made, and I know more will be made there in the future.  If you live in Kentucky, I'd highly recommend sending your children to Camp Calvary.  You can see the summer schedule, find out about events for adults, and learn all you need to know HERE!

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