Thursday, June 2, 2011

A ZOOper Day!!!

Since Caleb was 6 months old, we've been card carrying members of the Louisville Zoo.  Being outdoors and surrounded by animals, he has always been in his element.  Now, he enjoys sharing his favorite spot with big brother and lil' sis.  It's definitely a family fave, but even better when friends join us too.  Today's trip Ms. Melissa and McKenzie joined us for some animal lovin' - water splashin' FUN!

Due to some seriously crazy rain in April and May, we weren't able to visit the zoo as we'd like too.  In fact, we even missed the members only viewing of the new polar bear exhibit that recently opened.  While we were definitely thankful it was warm enough to enjoy the splash park and to just have some time outdoors, seeing the polar bear was a top priority.  Unfortunately, we were disappointed - no polar bear in sight!  He was hiding, but we still had a ZOOper day.

In the new area, there were two grizzlies having quite the spirited altercation.  My boys found the knock-down, drag-out brawl the bears were having in the bed of a pick-up truck quite entertaining.  The gorillas and monkeys were also obliging as well... they came up to the glass and interacted with the kiddos.  Then, a picnic lunch and much fun to be had in the Slash Park!  It was great to have my wild ones out and about today... even better with friends :-)

 Caleb sizing up to a gorilla with big bro, sis, & McKenzie.
Can you spot the actual gorilla among all these silly monkeys?
Hello, Mr. Monkey!!!  High FIVE!

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Sarah said...

I love visiting the zoo. Fun pictures!

Following you from the Crew.