Thursday, July 21, 2011

3rd Thursday Thought - Mom & Me

The July Hearts at Home Blog Hop Topic is:  How are you like your mom?  How are you different?

  • Enjoy the guilty pleasure of reality tv: Survivor, The Biggest Loser, Big Brother, etc.
  • Dominate baby/wedding shower games.  We can unscramble words and remember objects like no one's business!
  • Feel the need to correct poor grammar.  It used to drive me crazy, but now I do it to others!
  • Have high expectations for ourselves and others.  Mediocrity is not acceptable.
  • Support our kiddos interests.  In raising 3 children, Mom's taxi drove us to dance rehearsals, piano lessons, play practice, choir concerts, academic competitions, ballgames, cheerleading competitions, etc.  Currently, with 3 of my own, I'm already going here, there, and everywhere, and yes, I want more children :-) 
  • SAHM. Growing up this is not something I ever saw myself doing, but after Caleb was born, it's the only place I wanted to be. With the addition of Jeremiah and Rachel, it was more clear than ever that this Momma needed and wanted to be home.  I get it now :-)  Thanks Mom for staying home with us! 
  • Mom is a football fan - I don't get the game, nor do I care to learn.
  • My Mom is a Buckeye through and through, and even though I was born there and lived in Ohio the first few months of my life, I don't claim it.  I'm proud to be a KY gal.
  • My mom is a domesticated individual and actually enjoys sewing, crafting, baking, etc.  I am affectionately referred to as domestically challenged and kitchen illiterate.  Not only am I lousy at traditional homemaking tasks, I don't enjoy them either.  I prefer restaurants and crafty stores where I can buy other people's handiwork.
  • I'm comfortable with a microphone in hand singing or speaking to groups.  Mom has never been one to take the stage.
  • I enjoy traveling to other countries, experiencing different cultures, being involved in mission work, advocating for orphans, and taking on social justice issues.
  • I'm definitely more of an extrovert.  I enjoy people and living in community with others.  Jon says I'm incredibly nosy and like to meddle.  I see it more as I'm investing in people, I like to know their stories, who they are, etc.  I easily make friends and enjoy being with others.
Likes and differences aside, I love my Mom!  She sacrificed a lot to stay at home while we were growing.  Most importantly, along with Dad, she set an example for all of us to follow and impressed upon us the importance of our faith and involvement in church.  Thanks Mom!

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