Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fondue - FUN - Friends

A 2 hour drive up and a 2 hour drive back - totally worth it to spend a little over 6 hours with sweet college friends.  Of these 6 smiling faces, I had not seen 4 in a couple years because I missed out on last year's get-together.  2 of these lovely ladies I hadn't seen in 11 years... yes, that translates We're OLD!  The majority of us turned 32 this year, but I'm the baby, not that I remind everyone of that or anything :)

Aletha's parents were sooo brave to allow our crazy brunch to overtake their home.  With fondue pots, a ridiculous amount of groceries, snicker bar salad, and plenty of chocolate in hand, once we finally made it to the table, laughter and good times were had by all!  Some traditions leave no room for improvement!

We now represent 4 states, various careers, thriving marriages, incredible kids, and are involved in many different areas of ministry.  It was such a blessing to be our goofball selves from years gone by, but even more special to see the ways we've each grown and how God is working in and through us.  He is sooo good!

Looking forward to the next reunion :-)



Love ya ladies!

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