Saturday, July 2, 2011

Falls of the Ohio

aerial view of the falls of the ohio
Today, we entered Hoosier Land... well, just barely.  Yes, we crossed the bridge into Indiana for some family fun at the Falls of the Ohio State Park.  I was unaware that this place even existed, but Jon had been before with a high school friend.  The kids truly enjoyed exploring this amazing fossil bed.

Before getting our nature groove on, we headed inside the museum.  While we most likely will return to the park in the future, I don't believe the museum will be included in our trip.  Yeah, once through and you pretty much grasp it all... oh yes, and get inundated with the message of evolution science.  Although, the large woolly mammoth skeleton as you enter the museum is pretty cool! 

We watched the 14 minute video supposedly explaining how this area came to be and it was heavily salted and peppered with millions of years, old earth theory.  The dry, monotone voice of the film's narrator would make a statement, and I'd loudly let my kiddos know that was incorrect.  We did have the theatre to ourselves most of the time :-)
Rachel coloring in the kiddie area!
Caleb constructed this foam bridge.
So... what does make a good fossil?
Rare - Mommy is actually in a picture and not behind the camera!
Virtually unheard of... a full family photo!  Thanks stranger passing by!
On the lookout for fossils... of course, in Caleb's mind they were all dinosaur bones.
My favorite peeps :-)

After this excursion, we grabbed a late lunch and headed to our favorite spot THE LOUISVILLE ZOO.  Finally, we were able to see for a very brief moment the infamous polar bear.  The kids were able to cool off in the Splash Park, and when we were sufficiently tuckered out, we headed home.  Family days are the best!

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