Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Africa is NOT a country!

Oh sweet library lady with all the cool crafts who I usually love, I must admit you REALLY irked me today.  Granted, I understand that you are presenting a program to 4 and 5 year olds.  However, misinformation isn't warranted... even if they don't realize it.  Oh my... maybe you don't realize it?  Surely, you do and you were oversimplifying?  Could that be?  Even still - WRONG!!!

  1. AFRICA IS NOT a country!  It's a CONTINENT!
  2. They cannot be used to describe the people of Africa.  Do you have any idea how many people groups reside in Africa?  Each group is unique regarding customs, beliefs, appearance, and history.
  3. The entire continent IS NOT hot and dry.  Do you not know about the lengthy rainy season many parts of Africa experience?
  4. You will not see giraffes, elephants, and kudu roaming freely in every square inch of Africa.
  5. Speaking a few Swahili words and counting by rote in an unidentified East African language after a woman on a CD does not mean you have spoke African.  Seriously, African IS NOT a language. 
Sorry... I stifled this rant in the library, so I had to exercise it somewhere.  Thanks to all of you in blog land for allowing me to vent.  Stereotypes have always made my skin crawl.  I don't believe these to be malicious in any way... just uninformed.  Most likely, just not contemplated or given much thought.  Yes, the audience was children, but I believe, they deserve to be taught accurately.  Information can meet their level of understanding and still be factual.

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