Monday, September 20, 2010

WE'RE HOME!!! - sort of?

Saturday, we drove straight through from Hilton Head, SC to my parents house in Stanford, KY....  3 bathroom stops and a lunch stop.  Pretty impressive considering Caleb didn't nap at all, and Jeremiah and Rachel only slept 45 minutes total!!!!  Why didn't we drive the last hour home?  Well, Jon is preaching a revival at Scotts Fork Christian Church in Garrard County.  Mom and Dad's house is much closer, so it made sense for this to be the resting place for the night.

Following the Sunday evening worship service, we finally drove home.  However, today, Jon will drive back and spend the night again with my parents.  The kids and I are using today to recoup, and we will miss tomorrow's service as well due to Rachel's dance class.  The whole family will be present for the revival's final evening this Wednesday.  I'm excited to hear the Messengers Quartet sing, and of course, my hubby is an excellent preacher as well.  I look forward to hearing him assuming I don't spend the whole evening "shushing" the three wild ones!!!!

I know friends and family want to see pics of the kiddos at the beach, so I'll work on getting those up this week. 

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