Sunday, September 26, 2010


In all our years, I've been blessed never to see jellyfish in Hilton Head.  We spent a week in Gulf Shores a few years ago, and I spent little time in the water because there were whole clouds of jellyfish everywhere.  They are not my cup of tea.  I'm a wee bit afraid of them.

While swimming with Caleb in the ocean, Jon ended up getting stung on the arm by an itty bitty one.  He said it felt just like a bee sting, but nothing major.  We were just very glad that it didn't get Caleb.  My husband the great sea hunter decided to try and catch some jellyfish for the kids to see up close. 

He ended up getting several.  I said, "EEEWWWW!"  The boys said, "COOL!"  The kids liked looking at them, and we even got to share our finds with a few other families walking up and down the beach.  Just add this to our other wildlife sightings...

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