Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Beach Babies!

Monday marked "Play Day" at the beach.  This time it was all about getting soaked and playing in the sand.  The boys were quite adventurous in the water.  They kicked, punched, karate chopped, jumped, and rode the waves.  These fearless boys would dive head first in the water without a care in the world.  Needless to say, Mommy, Daddy, Papaw and anyone else who ventured near the water kept a watchful eye on the dare-devils.  Rachel wasn't shy, but she wasn't a fan of salt water in her eyes.  As long as she wasn't out past her waist, she was happy.

When first walking in the sand, Jeremiah giggled at the feeling of "snow in his toes" - HA! This boy is in for a rude awakening when winter comes around.  Once, we corrected the snow/sand confusion, it was time for playing to commence.  Caleb knew exactly what to do, and as usual, Papaw got roped into sand castle construction.  What cuties!!!

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