Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Travel to Hilton Head

The 9-10 hour drive was a first for our family of 5.  Our only family trek of any length in the mini-van was our trip to Greeneville, TN, so we wondered how everyone would fair.  Surprisingly, the kids did great.  Of course, the help of personal DVD players, the Leapster, and various electronic devices was enlisted.  I'm ok with that simply to avoid the "He's touching me! She looked at me!  Are we there yet?" commotion. 

In fact, the kids did so well that we were able to travel much further than we anticipated.  We stopped in Orangeburg, SC for the night.  Daddy bunked with Grandma and Grandpa in the room next door, so the little ones could get to bed early.  Although, we didn't zonk out until 10:45 p.m.  Aren't they cute asleep?!?!

Saturday morning, we were up and at it slighlty earlier than I had hoped...  will these children ever learn to sleep in???  Once dressed and ready, we took advantage of the complimentary continental breakfast before piling back into the van.  Because of our persistence on the road the day prior, we had very little distance to cover before reaching our destination.

Upon arrival, our first stop was Hilton Head's Coastal Discovery Museum.  The kiddos explored, enjoyed the pictures and displays of the local wildlife, and played with the puzzles.  Afterwards, we ventured downstairs to pick up all the tourist info/literature.

 We enjoyed lunch at The Crazy Crab, killed some time shopping at the Tanger Outlet Mall, grabbed a few essential groceries, and then picked up our keys.  Off to our beautiful house (click to see it) for some unpacking, and we finished the night with dinner at Aunt Chilada's.  Papaw & Mamaw, who made the trip all in one day, must have been haulin' because they arrived near 10 p.m.  Finally, the gang was all there and vacation could really begin!

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