Thursday, September 9, 2010

101 in 1001 for My Kiddos & Me

Another 101 in 1001????  No, I'm not certifiably crazy... well, at least not yet :-)  When I began making my original list, I found that over half of it was made up of goals for or things I'd like to do with my three little ones.  I decided it would be good to separate the two, since believe it or not, the children and I aren't one in the same. 

When looking at the list, you'll notice a lot of absences.  No zoo trips, hikes, game farm, Totter Otterville, church events, etc.  I have not included anything that the three kiddos have already done.  However, there are several things on the list that Caleb has already experienced or can do quite well.  I included these items still because I want to do these things with ALL the children. 

The list contains spiritual goals, academic goals, things to do, and places to go.  Some are quite lofty and others are just plain fun.  Remember we have 2.75 years to complete these :-)  Enjoy our list and try some fun things with your kiddos too.  They are only little once, and what blessings they truly are!!!  Every good and perfect gift is from the Father above.

  1. Visit the ocean
  2. Collect Seashells
  3. Build a Sand Castle
  4. Go on a Dolphin Cruise
  5. Fly a Kite
  6. Putt-putt golf
  7. Go fishing
  8. Go bowling
  9. Go skating
  10. Ride bikes without training wheels
  11. Swim without life jackets or floats
  12. Ride a roller coaster
  13. Jump rope
  14. Ride a horse
  15. Ride a trolley
  16. Have an indoor picnic
  17. Campout
  18. Find shapes in clouds
  19. Stargaze
  20. Go to a ballgame
  21. Go to a planetarium
  22. Go to the circus
  23. Go to the drive-in
  24. Take a train ride
  25. Stay in a cabin
  26. Visit the Explorium
  27. Visit the Louisville Science Center
  28. Visit Dinosaur World
  29. Visit Mammoth Cave
  30. Visit Huber Farm
  31. Visit the Creation Museum
  32. Visit Holiday World
  33. See a LCT Production
  34. See VeggieTales Live!
  35. Go to an indoor waterpark
  36. Visit Indiana Children's Museum
  37. Visit KY Horse Park
  38. Visit a KY State Park
  39. Visit Fort Harrod
  40. Visit Shakertown
  41. Tour the KY State Capitol
  42. Tour a car museum
  43. Tour an aviation museum
  44. Take the Rebecca Ruth Candy Tour
  45. Go on 10 hikes
  46. Learn to recognize, identify, & draw shapes
  47. Learn to recognize and write alphabet and know each letters sound
  48. Learn to recognize, identify, & write numbers 1-20
  49. Memorize address
  50. Memorize phone number
  51. Memorize birthday
  52. Write first and last name
  53. Learn Days of the Week
  54. Learn Months of the Year
  55. Learn Color words
  56. Learn to Read
  57. Learn to Count Money
  58. Learn to Tell Time
  59. Learn Basic Addition Facts
  60. Learn Basic Subraction Facts
  61. Learn to Tie Shoes
  62. Read every book on Sonlight P/3 list
  63. Read every book on Sonlight P4/5 list
  64. Read every book on Sonlight K list
  65. Complete Five In a Row Volume 1
  66. Complete Five In a Row Volume 2
  67. Read 1001 Books together with Mom
  68. Complete 50 Books to Read Before Kindergarten list
  69. Read a complete series of books
  70. Plant something & Watch it grow
  71. Complete 10 science experiments
  72. Hatch Butterflies
  73. Make 30 lapbooks
  74. Fingerpaint
  75. Tie Dye
  76. Facepaint
  77. Make a weekly craft for 3 months
  78. Have a weekly game night for 3 months
  79. Visit the library weekly for 3 months
  80. Memorize the Books of the Old Testament
  81. Memorize the Books of the New Testament
  82. Memorize 26 Bible verses
  83. Send cards to soldiers
  84. Send cards to shut-in/sick
  85. Send cards to missionaries
  86. Make Operation Christmas Child Boxes
  87. Play in the rain
  88. Jump in a pile of leaves
  89. Roast Marshmallows
  90. Visit a pumpkin patch
  91. Carve a jack-o-lantern
  92. Trick-or-Treat
  93. Build Snowman
  94. Make Snow Angels
  95. Make a Gingerbread House
  96. Make a Christmas Countdown Paper Chain
  97. Decorate Cookies
  98. Make Christmas Gifts
  99. Decorate Christmas Tree
  100. Pictures with Santa
  101. Visit Southern Lights @ KY Horse Park

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