Friday, September 24, 2010

Pinckney Island Wildlife Refuge

Flashbacks of vacations of my youth...  traipsing battlefields, caving, hiking, wax museums, pretzel factories... oh yeah, we lived it up!  Vacation was educational :-)  So...  while on our wonderful beach vacation, we stopped at Pinckney Island Wildlife Refuge to do some exploring.  What Jon believed to be a small little place actually offered 14 miles of trails.  Thankfully, we opted for the 1/2 mile trek.  Did I mention that Jon wants hiking to be our new family hobby???? 

After a morning of bouncing, the kids (me too!) were beat and not so much feeling the nature thing.  Even though I admit, I suggested we go ahead and hit this site since we were close to it.  Unfortunately, my belly believed we were well past lunch time, so truly, that is what was on my mind.  OH... but let me tell you the wonderful wildlife we were able to behold - itty bitty crabs, bugs, some birds,  and the IBIS (the only bird's name I can actually remember).  Caleb, the great explorer, did warn us all to watch out for moose.  Hmmm... wonder where they were hiding???

Check out these pics of our intense family fun :-)

Why yes - I am bringing up the rear :-)

Can you feel the excitement?

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