Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Spectacular Sunrise & Abundant Wildlife

In all the times Jon and I have vacationed at the beach, I believe, I only have seen the sunrise on our honeymoon in Hawaii.  Oh the crazy times in the morning a newlywed will wake up?!?!  Anyway, I decided that we'd get everyone up early to catch the sunrise and search for shells Wednesday morning.  I am so glad we did!!!

I was up before the 6:30 alarm, and we were all on the beach by 7 a.m.  Perfect timing, but unfortunately, not much luck with shells.  For some reason, they were pretty skimpy.  Still, the kids had fun stuffing small treasures in their bags.  Caleb was very excited that Daddy helped him find a crab shell and claw to add to his collection.

While taking pictures of the sunrise, I noticed something in the camera's view finder.  I looked up and saw a dolphin not far off the coast.  When I gathered the kids around to see, we found that it was actually a small pod of dolphins.  We got a great view of what we are calling the Mommy, Daddy, and baby in the middle.  The kids are still talking about seeing the dolphins....  probably because of our Dolphin Days Download N Go study earlier this summer!

Now the wildlife we were missing at Pinckney the day before was out in full force.  Following our fun dolphin find, we stumbled upon.  While still alive, one of its legs was dismembered.  As the story of the young boy walking on the beach throwing the starfish back into the sea, "It matters to this one!"  Yes, my hubby tossed the starfish back to its home.

Next came probably the most exciting find of all!  A young woman was just standing somewhat strangely on the beach.  I noticed she was staring intently at something near her feet.  Then, I spotted the treasure, a baby sea turtle newly hatched was making its monumentous journey to the sea.  The lady was standing guard to ensure the tiny thing safely made its way.  The kids and I marvelled at this for quite some time.  Then, when I shooed the kids back up the beach to get suncreen on a professional was on site, scooped the little creature into a bucket, and deposited it into the sea.  It was such a neat experience.  OUR GOD IS SOOOO COOL!!!!!

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