Saturday, September 4, 2010

PIZZA!!!!! Party, Deal, and GIVEAWAY!!!

Who doesn't love pizza?  Growing up, do you ever remember studying pizza in school?  I know I don't, but that is exactly what my kiddos did this week.  I'm thinking a YUMMY education is definitely the way to go.  Again, as a member of the Download N Go Review Team, I was given the opportunity to review the PIZZA PARTY DNG.  This product was given to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review.  Read others reviews and get more great ideas on ways to use this product HERE.

Amanda Bennett's, PIZZA PARTY Download N Go is a week long unit study for kids in K-4th grade.  The unit includes videos, web links, notebook pages, lapbook components, and an extensive list of additional resources that can be utilized.  For this study, I was extremely pleased.  We were able to find a large number of the books on the suggested list in our public library.  We read a considerable amount of fiction books with pizza themes including some of our favorite characters:  The Berenstain Bears, Bob the Builder, Curious George, Arthur, and The Boxcar Children.  We checked Pete's a Pizza and found a DVD as well.  It always fun to "watch" a book after reading it :-)

We had a blast creating our mini-pizzas.  It was a perfect lunch after a hectic morning running errands.  Not too messy, but lots of fun!  When we were finished, we enjoyed some family game time.  We pulled our Noodleboro Learning to Listen Pizza Palace game off the shelf.  We gave our listening skills a work-out as we really listened to the ingredients each of us wanted put on our pizza.  This was great for my two English language learners.  We have not played this game since coming home from Ethiopia, so some of the "silly" ingredients included were NEW words for us.  I love fun ways to add to their growing vocabulary.

Don't worry... this study isn't all fiction and food.  See the daily themes below.

Day 1: Pizza—What Is It?

Day 2: The Story of Pizza

Day 3: Types of Pizza

Day 4: The Science of Pizza

Day 5: Let’s Have a Pizza Party
We touched on history and geography as we studied Italy.  Using math, we did an elementary fractions lessons discussing how to slice a pizza.  Probably one of our favorite parts was learning about the process of making cheese.  We read Hold the Cheese Please! and the kiddos were so very intrigued that "Annabelle" the cow was the origin of cheese.  We read this more than once :-)  We looked at the lives of famous people including Marco Polo, Galileo, Michaelangelo, and of course my favorite Vivaldi.  Not surprising, this music buff loved the videos of "The Four Seasons" included in the Pizza Party DNG.  After watching them, the kiddos colored pics of each of the season as we listened to the music again.  It was so pleasing to me that they recognized portions of the music from their favorite tv show "Little Einsteins" and their "night-night" music that plays in their rooms.
The culminating activity in the Pizza Party DNG is planning a Pizza Party.  It just so happened that due to leaving on vacation next weekend, we had Rachel's early birthday today.  Our original "taco bar" plan got changed to a pizza party, and on our to-do list for tomorrow is making a fruit pizza to share. 
Are you craving pizza yet?  Would you like to have a PIZZA PARTY all week long and learn lots of delicious things in the process?  If so, now is definitely the time...  usually a DNG is $7.95, but in celebration of tomorrow's National Cheese Pizza Day the Pizza Party DNG will be on sale for $5.00!!!  Click here to take advantage of this sale.

Even better than a sale...  FREE!  Courtesy of Amanda Bennett and The Old Schoolhouse, I am afforded the opportunity to giveaway one Pizza Party DNG.  Hooray.  The winner could be you.  There are several ways to win.  Please be sure to leave me comments for each of the items you complete below.  Obviously, the more you do the better your odds of winning. 

1.  Leave me a comment telling me your favorite pizza topping.
2.  Follow my blog or remind me that you are already doing so.
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4.  Blog, Twitter, or Facebook about my Pizza Party DNG.

Due to the fact that we are leaving for vacation next Friday, I will end my giveaway, Thursday, September 9th at 5 p.m. EST.


Lori said...

My favorite pizza toppings are Ham, Pepperoni and Mushrooms.

Lori said...

I am following your blog.

Lori said...

I am following your blog using Facebook's networked blog.

Lori said...

I posted a message on my Facebook page about your Pizza Party DNG.

Brandy said...

Yeah, pizza, pizza, pizza! I am craving a party now. ;) I have not done a DNG yet, but I am looking forward to doing this one.

Thanks for the review!