Saturday, September 4, 2010

Rachel - The Birthday Party Princess!!!

Rachel will turn 4 years old, September 13th.  She is doing it in style too I might add - it will be on her very first trip to the beach.  Since we wouldn't be able to share all the fun with the entire family and we are leaving Friday, we opted to have her family party this evening.  We wondered how she would respond since she's not one for having all eyes on her.  There were a few "iffy" moments, but she did incredibly well.  She rocked the "Party Princess" persona and had a wonderful time. 

The Barbie (aka B"OH"bie to Rachel) birthday was a hit.  There were Barbie plates, napkins, cake, dolls, and the accessories.  Really, since when does Barbie drive an itty-bitty sportscar complete with moving rear-view mirror and GPS???  My Barbies drove a honkin' HUGE blue 57 chevy.  Not to mention now Barbies have a spa tub and toilet.... Jeremiah being the big brother that he is stepped right in to explain how that all worked.  Caleb was equally excited to get in on the toy action.  Poor Jon... watching his sons trying to get a hold of all the pink and dolls was a little much for him.

Rachel sang "Happy Birthday" to herself along with the entire fam and blew the candles out like a pro.  Yes, we have been practicing what we would do today, watching Little Einstein Birthday episodes, and talking a lot about birthdays.  All the while, we had to assure Caleb and Jeremiah, especially, that they too would being having birthdays.

Enjoy pics of My Birthday Princess at her very first ever celebrated birthday.  It warms my heart to see this special little girl so happy.  Thank you God for this blessing!  She brings me such tremendous joy :-)

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