Thursday, September 2, 2010


What's all the HYPE about??? Well, now we know.  Yes, the Wells trio made our very first appearance at the YMCA's Homeschool PE program.  My rowdy bunch gets to work off some steam for a couple hours every Thursday afternoon with tons of preschoolers and the very patient and brave YMCA staff.

Considering that HYPE begins at our normal nap time, I wondered if my kiddos could hack it.  We began with swimming.  My three were separated so each had a different teacher.  It was probably a good thing for them, but hard for Mom to watch and acknowledge each child's amazing aquatic feat.  Jeremiah virtually had a private lesson as he was paired with a kid who didn't want to get in the water and one teacher.  He enjoyed every minute and loved jumping in.

Rachel's teacher had 6 little girls to keep track of and guess who was the first one in the water.  Yep... my little Miss Priss.  I was shocked, but she was all smiles the whole time.  She kicked, splashed, and even jumped in the pool.

Caleb's teacher had a harder task.  He was entrusted with 8 kiddos.  (I'm not really sure the YMCA's system of distributing children!?!?!)  Caleb, being the giant of a 4 year old that he is, towers above the 3 feet of water.  Honestly, he is quite self-sufficient at this depth.  He wasn't overly content to sit on the side of the pool and kick his legs.  He got in and out several times on his own, showed off his bubble blowing skills, and kept dunking his head under.  When supposed to be waiting in line to jump in the pool, he just decided to jump in on his own.  Both his teacher and I discussed how that wasn't a safe thing to do.  Hmmmm....  could be a challenge for my water rat, but he enjoyed his pool time very much.

Next on the agenda was basketball.  The kiddos did fairly well, but some of the directions were lost on Jeremiah and Rachel.  They hung in there though.  I don't predict any of my kids becoming whizzes on the court, but they've got a couple more opportunities to try it out before moving on to a new sport.

We took a short break, and it became quite evident that my crew was fatigued and in need of a nap.  They had "checked out."  I know for next time that it will be important to bring drinks and a snack for this time.  The kids survived the fitness portion of the day... barely. 

We had a good time at HYPE.  Minus Mommy forgetting their flip-flops/sandals when we left, we managed quite well.  Hopefully, they will still be there when I go to retrieve them tomorrow.

On a side note, I'm actually really HYPED up by our awesome adoption support group at Southland Christian.  Wow - God really showed up tonight!  Attendance was great and there were LOTS of new faces.  My heart is burdened for some little ones in Haiti tonight, but I'm trusting that God will work mightily in this situation.  How blessed we are to be adopted by the Creator of the Universe.  The ONE who holds everything in the palm of His mighty hand!

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