Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Super Sunday Beach Introduction

Sunday morning, all the groggy bed heads managed to get ready, out the door, and on the road to Bluffton, SC.  I think it was about a 25-30 minute drive to Live Oak Christian Church.  We were able to worship there last year on vacation and were excited to return this year. 

A highlight was getting to see our KCC friends, Jeremiah and Erin Smith.  Last year, when we visited, we were hopeful to have our dossier headed to Ethiopia soon, and they had just begun the adoption process through the AWAA Rwanda program.  This year we were able to introduce our sweet Jeremiah and Rachel to the Smith's.  Please pray for this family and follow their adoption journey.  Rwanda is undergoing some changes.  Things truly came to a halt; however, it seems that there is beginning to be movement again.  Join us in praying for all families in the Rwanda program and the precious children who long to be accepted, embraced, and loved!

Following the worship service and our mini-reunion, the entire family ate at The Hilton Head Diner.  Beds were calling names, so we all drifted off to dreamland.  Then, it was off to visit the beach for the first time.  We thought the sight might be a little overwhelming at first as Jeremiah and Rachel were having difficulty grasping the concept of the ocean - water SOOOO BIG we can't see the end of it!  The plan was to put on our bathing suits, walk to the beach, get our feet wet, and head back to the house and swim in the pool.  What is it that the ever popular "THEY" say?  Nothing ever goes as planned!!!

When we crossed over the little bridge to the sand and the kids looked out their eyes were like saucers.  Oh the look of shear wonder!!!  "Wow!" Jeremiah said.  Then, when he took his flip flops off and felt the sand in his toes, he just giggled.  Rachel was a little unsteady and not so confident in her footing on the sand, but she sported a sweet smile nonetheless.  Then, there was Caleb, the old pro, whose main focus was getting to the water.  Once there...  Caleb splashed, Jeremiah followed suit, Rachel clung to my leg still smiling away!  They all managed to get wet...  some more so than I had hoped.

Before anyone got too water-logged, we headed back towards our house.  I spotted a huge arrow pointing in the direction we were going and chuckled aloud, "Ha, someone drew an arrow in the sand, so they wouldn't get lost!"  My dear Dad fessed up - he did it early in the morning.  Dad went jogging on the beach before the rest of us joined the land of the living.  It was dark, and he was afraid he wouldn't remember how to get back.  While this seems perfectly logical, mass hysterics ensued.  I was laughing so hard I am still amazed I didn't make a puddle in the sand.  Needless to say, this giant arrow must be documented for all times.  This picture still makes me giggle :-)

We ended our night with a swim in the pool.  Caleb donned the orange water wings, Jeremiah the ever-popular Lightning McQueen ring, and Rachel fashionable yet functional life jacket.  Nobody was sinking in this pool!  Even though the water was a bit on the chilly side, the kids had a ball.

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