Friday, September 24, 2010

The Island Playground

Tuesday morning, Jon's parents went to Savannah to meet a couple friends.  Our plan was to take the children to The Island Playground - an indoor inflatable play area for little ones.  Papaw and Mamaw tagged along, but actually, all the adults ended up playing as much as the kiddos.  Fun was had by all as you can tell from the pics.  Typical vacation - I always manage to get hurt in some way.  Thankfully, I avoided the renegade beach umbrella this year, but I got myself a nice "vinyl" burn on my elbow from the big inflatable slide.  Hmmm.... am I too old for this fun????  Nah!

Pre-bouncing storytime with Papaw.  (Grandma got the kids some great books by Francis Chan to read on our trip.)

We all had a great time bouncing, but that was not all the Island Playground had to offer.  The kids enjoyed a small rock climbing wall, a large castle complete with slides, activity tables, a kitchen area, miniature playsets, etc.  Definitely a good choice to visit this spot.... even better, we virtually had the place to ourselves for the first hour and a half. 

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