Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My 101 in 1001

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon some blog posts entitled 101 in 1001.  I read a few random lists on some linked blogs and realized that this was a different spin on the tried and true New Year's Resolutions.  By allowing for 2.75 years, some more complex, more detailed goals could be added to the list.  In the extended time frame, these goals could actually be accomplished.  The difference... instead of me just saying someday I'd like to do such and such, I am actually able to begin holding myself accountable in order to make that someday a reality. 

The idea of 101 in 1001 isn't inherently a Christian idea, so I'm not endorsing all that you may find if you actually Google the concept.  However, after a couple weeks of compiling a list, it is definitely something I want to give a try.  On my list, I have goals that are currently in progress, some that will be easy to complete, and others that will take a large amount of time.  I have spiritual, missional, relational, organizational, educational, and just plain fun items on my list.  I'm excited to begin this journey.  To assist me in tracking my progress, I will be using The Day Zero Project website as well as this blog.  According to The Day Zero calculations, I'm starting my 101 in 1001 on September 8, 2010 and am slated to complete it on June 6, 2013. 

Check out my original list below. I will be placing this list as its own page on my blog. Click on the My 101 in 1001 tab anytime you want to check my progress.

  1. Read the entire Bible in 90 days
  2. Memorize 100 Bible verses
  3. Complete a Beth Moore Bible Study
  4. Keep a prayers prayed/answered list for 3 months
  5. Complete a Precept Bible Study
  6. Speak, Lead Workshops, and/or Sing @ 5 events
  7. Join a small group Bible study or life group
  8. Attend a Deeper Still event
  9. Hear my brother preach
  10. Attend NACC
  11. Read all of Karen Kingsbury's fiction books
  12. Read all of Tom Davis' books
  13. Complete Jeremiah & Rachel re-adoption
  14. Research and Develop my "IDEAL" adoption/orphan care ministry plan
  15. Start an adoption/orphan care non-profit organization, initiative, or church based ministry
  16. Hold a Pajama/Book Drive for the Pajama Program KY Chapter
  17. Speak at/or Attend 10 Adoption/Orphan Care events (outside of SCC Support Group & AWAA KY Board Meetings)
  18. Become a mentor
  19. Financially support 12 adopting families through their fundraisers or by donation
  20. Attend AWAA Africa Reunion
  21. Choose an organization to support through our Gotcha Day Celebration
  22. Complete 4DLD book
  23. Attend Weekend to Remember, Festival of Marriage, or other marriage event with my hubby
  24. Date night with Jon at least once a month for 6 months
  25. Join a MOMS group
  26. Read 101 books in 1001 days (Books read to the kids don't count!)
  27. Subscribe to 5 magazines
  28. Watch the entire LOST TV Series 
  29. Watch the entire Waltons TV Series
  30. Play piano for at least 15 minutes 5 days a week for 1 month.
  31. Enjoy a Girls Weekend Getaway
  32. Treat myself to a Bubble Bath twice a month for 6 months
  33. Get a pedicure
  34. Get a massage
  35. Get a facial
  36. Get rid of dry cracked heels
  37. Wisdom teeth removed
  38. Take vitamins daily for 1 month
  39. Take calcium supplement daily for 1 month
  40. Complete 30 day soda fast
  41. Bike/Eliptical for at least 20 minutes 4 times a week for 3 months
  42. Run a 5k
  43. Learn to play tennis
  44. Wear size 8 jeans again
  45. Reduce Christmas gift expenses by 10%
  46. Go 2 weeks without drive thru or restaurant food
  47. Try 10 new recipes
  48. Bake & Decorate a cake
  49. Make a monthly meal plan & stick to it
  50. Regularly recycle for 3 months
  51. Cut & Organize Coupons weekly for 3 months
  52. Mail expired coupons to military overseas
  53. Create a Master Packing list to use for family trips
  54. Update Addresses/Phone Numbers in my Contact List
  55. Compile list of Family/Friends Birthdays & Anniversaries
  56. Organize Store Discount Cards in Business Card Holder
  57. Purchase & Mount Family Bulletin Board
  58. Develop a filing system for important papers
  59. Clean/Organize Master Bedroom Closet
  60. Clean/Organize Dining Room Closet
  61. Clean/Organize Kids' Closets
  62. Organize & Store Kids Clothes by gender/size
  63. Have a yardsale
  64. Get a Kitchen Island
  65. New Flooring in the Kitchen
  66. New Bathroom fixtures
  67. Bathroom painted
  68. Convert Dining Room into School/Craft Room
  69. Organizer for Keys/Mail/etc.
  70. Choose paint to have bedroom painted
  71. Take carpet up in bedroom
  72. Clean windows (interior/exterior)
  73. Perform 25 Random Acts of Kindness
  74. Donate to the food pantry monthly for 6 months
  75. Send 12 encouragement cards to soldiers
  76. Send 12 encouragement cards to missionaries
  77. Complete Caleb's Baby Scrapbook
  78. Complete Ethiopia Trip Scrapbook
  79. Complete a December 2010 Scrapbook
  80. Complete G-day Scrapbook #1
  81. Complete G-day Scrapbook #2
  82. Catch Scrapbooks up to current year
  83. Create an Advent Calendar to use with my family
  84. Attend Homeschool Conference
  85. Attend 10 Homeschool events/field trips/meetings/functions (outside of FIAR Co-op & HYPE
  86. Create Homeschool Calendar/Morning Circle Time Visual
  87. Make 20 File Folder Games
  88. Adapt a Homeschool Workbox system for each of the kids
  89. Develop a working Family Chores System
  90. Have 50 blog followers
  91. Twitter
  92. Complete 10 product reviews on blog
  93. Organize My Favorites Bookmarks on Computer
  94. Write/Submit 20 articles
  95. Have an article published 
  96. Write 52 devotionals
  97. Take the Downtown Frankfort Walking Tour
  98. Go Kayaking
  99. Go to IKEA
  100. Secret #1 To be revealed @ a later date
  101. Secret #2 To be revealed @ a later date


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