Friday, June 1, 2012

What Makes A Fish A Fish? (TOS Review)


Due to my hubby's job change last year, we were forced to skip out on our annual beach vacation.  While there was no wailing or gnashing of teeth at the time, I must admit all of us are getting restless as we are approaching the two year mark since being at the ocean.  So needless to say, we are all longing and pining for September to finally arrive. 
PhotobucketOur latest TOS review product must have known of our ocean cravings. We were able to view What Makes a Fish A Fish?.  Since I'm all about chronology and sequence, I was very happy that this was the very first DVD in the Dive Into Your Imagination series, the other DVDS include, “Who Lives in the Sea?” and “Dive Diversity!”   Is a seahorse a fish? What about a shark? What do you know about the clownfish?  Ever heard of a frogfish?  In What Makes a Fish a Fish?, the kids were introduced to fish from all over the world.  They learned how fish take a bath, the truth about sharks, and played hide and seek on the reef.  The videography was absolutely stunning and the original score was beautiful. 

Enjoy a little snippet of What Makes a Fish a Fish? below. 

Each of the DVD's in the series retail for $19.95.  When viewing the DVD's, you are able to select an English, Spanish, or music only audio track.  Your children will become enamored with the catchy theme song.  You may just find yourself downloading the available sheet music/guitar chords/lyrics for the "The Ocean Song." 

To compliment this series, a companion Educator’s Guide is available for each of the DVD's. You may choose either the PreK/K version or 1-3 grades. These guides are quite extensive offering detailed background information and cross-curricular student activities to accompany each of the topics featured in the DVD.  Within the 300-400 page guide, you will find review questions, printable coloring pages, reading comprehension exercises, activity sheets, and many extension activities.  In the What Makes a Fish A Fish? guide, there are fish making templates, fish anatomy activities, flash cards matching the fish to it's name, counting fish, fish writing, and the list goes on. 

My two favorite things included in the guide were the focus on character traits and the incorporation of imaginative play.  We were able to discuss such traits as trust, enthusiasm, and compassion.  Then, the kids didn't just complete paper and pencil activities, but they were able to engage their wild imaginations.  They became scuba divers exploring the ocean floor, scientists making detailed notes of the marine life, submarine operators, and great explores just like Ocean Annie

The guides are available in a printed version for $299 or as individual PDFs for $69.95.  For many homeschooling budgets, this is quite steep.  However, just for the TOS Homeschool Crew followers, Annie Crawley, will gift you a set of PDF's with purchase of the DVD's.  I'm unsure of how long this offer will last, so I encourage you to purchase soon. It is VERY IMPORTANT that when you place your order you MUST make it known in the notes section that you are a homeschooling parent in order to receive the free Educator Guide. 

Ocean Annie, as she has been aptly dubbed, specializes in the underwater realm.  As an underwater photographer, filmmaker, field biologist, and expert, she is sharing her love for the ocean and fulfilling dreams with audiences of all ages.   Annie makes her self easily accessible to the public.  You can fill out an online contact form, invite her to speak at an event, follow her blog, or contact through various forms below.

Skype: Annie Crawley
Phone: 805-453-1947
Mailing Address:
Annie Crawley
10002 Aurora Ave. N
Ste 36 PMB 104
Seattle, WA 98133

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Disclaimer:  I was provided a complimentary DVD and teacher's guide in exchange for my honest review.

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