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PhotobucketCurrently used in over 150 countries, is an online math program covering Pre-K through Algebra curriculum.  It is all inclusive insuring that your child won't miss out on any important content.  There are unlimited questions in over 2,000 skills.  The questions adapt to each individual child's ability.  As they continually improve, the questions increase in difficulty. 

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PhotobucketIn working with, Rachel was really my focus.  It appears that she is having the most difficulty and struggles some with learning.  However, a lot of her issues seem to stem from the fear of being wrong.  For this reason, I chose to start at the very beginning of the program and have her work through the Pre-K material.  She had early success and immediate positive reinforcement which really helped to build her confidence.  I feel like the work she is doing in will definitely better prepare her for the fall when we are really going to hit Kindergarten hard this year. 

I want to call your attention to a few things I really appreciated within the framework of the program.  First, the inclusion of a speaker icon in the Pre-K through 1st grade sections is incredibly helpful.  This allowed my non-reader to be able to work more autonomously.  Yes, she had some difficulty maneuvering the mouse and working the numeric keypad at first, but with practice that became easy. 

Next, the rewards board was a hit.  While she didn't pay attention to the wording on the right explaining what the number of questions answered, what concepts were practiced, and what had been mastered, she was all about clicking the squares to reveal what reward she had earned.  In the Pre-K level, Rachel has been earning various familiar childhood toys. 
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Finally, as Mom and teacher, I welcomed the weekly email updates on Rachel's progress.  Likewise, I had detailed reports available to me.  I could easily identify Rachel's strengths and weaknesses.  This is helpful when our focus is really working through the trouble spots in preparation for Kindergarten Math. 
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****Please note that these prices are based on one student. Additional students can be added for just $2 per month or $20 per year.

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Disclaimer:  I was provided a complimentary full subscription in exchange for my honest review. 

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