Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Critters Come to Camp

The Bible lessons for camp included:  Creation, Noah and the Ark, Balaam's Donkey, Daniel and the Lion's Den, Jonah and the Big Fish, and Psalm 23 - the Shepherd.  The animal theme was definitely being carried out, but as an added bonus, some critters actually came to camp to visit.  Then, we made a little excursion to see some too.

Monday morning brought us Woodrow, the horse.  Every camper got a chance to mount the quarter horse and pose for a picture.  See my young equestrians below :)


Tuesday morning brought an assorted mix of critters, all of which, the campers eagerly greeted.  A rooster, a puppy, rabbits, kittens, and a turtle all made an appearance. My cutie-pie nephew was the "not-always-so-gentle" welcome wagon! 
Malachi poking the "wabbits."
Jeremiah was all about loving on the kitten.
Little kitty's claws were diggin' in when Caleb had a hold of him.
Rachel's turn for some kitty love.

Our last live animal counter came by way of our annual wagon ride.  Rather than explore the camp property like usual, we went to the neighboring farm.  The kids got to get up-close to the cows, but not all were fond of this change.  Lots of nose-holding around the stinky cows :-)

Jeremiah, Emmanuel, and Caleb ready for the ride!
Ember, Rachel, and Gillian on the other side.
Taking a look at the cattle... notice Jeremiah's covered nose :-)

Animals were the theme of the week... the teachers and speakers made the ones found in the pages of our Bible come alive.  Then, the kiddos got to use their senses to see, hear, touch, and smell animals as well.  Taste, too!  Jeremiah became concerned that the chicken strips we had at lunch might just be  the very chicken he had seen that morning. 

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