Monday, June 18, 2012

Caffeinated Kids

Most often, summer field trips find our family enjoying the outdoors.  We regularly hit our favorite spot, the zoo, and the local Salato Wildlife Center.  Picnics at the park with good friends are another favorite.  However, a few weeks ago, we tried something new.  Perpetually behind, I'm just now getting around to blogging about it.

With a group of friends, we toured the Ale-8-One factory.  If you are a Kentuckian, you are familiar with this soft drink, sweet nectar, or KY Swamp Water... a matter of opinion on the taste :-)  (I have always been a fan!)  Bottled in Winchester since 1926, Ale-8-One is the only soft drink invented in Kentucky still in existence. 

First, we watched an informational video that explained the history of Ale-8-One.  Then, we were able to walk out into the warehouse and view from behind the glass the trademark green glass bottles being labeled, washed and sanitized, filled, and capped.  Following the tour, each person received a complimentary bottle of Ale-8-One. 

To my knowledge, prior to this, my children had never had a caffeinated beverage.  In fact, my husband feared them going and taste-testing.  He was sure they would begin having heart palpitations, get the "shakes," or totally spaz out!  You see among Kentuckians the myth is that the green glass bottle contains more caffeine than even the dreaded Mountain Dew.  I learned and then shared with the hubs that is fiction and not fact at all.  Point proven on the product info.  Take a look and see how it stacks up to your drink of choice. 
The whole crew posing, primed and ready for their first test taste!

Before sufficiently caffeinating the children, we headed to a local park for some play time. Although, after only a few minutes, they were ready for lunch.  We staked claim to a row of picnic tables, opened various assorted lunchables, and began popping tops on Ale-8's.  My boys LOVED the stuff.  Caleb literally inhaled his in a few big gulps, and Jeremiah wasn't far behind.  Rachel gingerly sipped her ginger-based drink.  She milked it through lunch and all the way home.  When finally finished, she decided she didn't overly care for it. 

A special treat... not for everyday, but my 5, 6, and 7 year old survived their caffeinated state.  I'm sure the return to the playground after lunch helped to burn some energy.  Don't you just love parks?

Every state has something "unique," a "claim to fame," or even an oddity.  What is yours?  Could you make a visit this summer?  It's something to consider.  I know my littles had a great time on our summer veer from the norm. 

Other crew members are blogging about Summer Field trips here.  Be sure to check Tuesday morning, when the link goes live.  You may just get some great ideas for your family trips.



Marcy Crabtree said...

we are huge fans of Ale8One at our house! I think we might need to do this tour!

Stefanie said...

That is awesome!!!

Kym Thorpe said...

that looks so fun!! I've never heard of Ale8One before, but I promise to try one if we're ever in the area!