Friday, June 22, 2012

Spring Reading Thing - RECAP

As you may recall from this post, I decided to participate in the Spring Reading Thing 2012 hosted by Katrina at Callapidder Days. The Spring Reading Thing ran from March 20-June 20th, and my goal was to read 12 books in the 3 month time frame.  Did I meet my goal?  Not quite... I only got 10 completed, and as you will see, I spent the majority of my time reading non-fiction.  I stuck somewhat close to my original list reading 7 of those titles.  They are highlighted below with a few of my thoughts underneath.  My three additional reads follow.

NONFICTION:Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis
  • Amazing!!!  Katie is so very inspiring.  Her dedication and love for the least of these should compel all of us to greater service! 
Infinitely More by Alex Krutov & Jackie Davis
  • Remarkable!  A story of redemption for a Russian orphan who is now working tirelessly on behalf of those who are where he once was.
A Place at the Table by Chris Seay
Stumbling Into Grace by Lisa Harper
  • Lisa is a master at real-life application, yet goes beyond the surface and digs deep into God's Word.
Organized Simplicity by Tsh Oxenreider
  • My latest read - perfect for this season of my life and all we have going on in the near future!
Pajama School - Stories from a Homeschool Graduate by Natalie Wickham
  • This books was actually a disappointment.  I found it to be somewhat scattered.  Even still, it is pleasing to see a homeschooled child achieving success and standing strong for the Lord as an adult. 
Raising Kids with Love and Limits by Julie Barnhill
Quitter by Jon Acuff
  • I think this would have been more applicable had I read it a few years ago.  However, still things I could glean from Jon's words.
Loving by Karen Kingsbury (releases March 27th)
  • I was always a Team Cody gal, but by the book's end I was converted to Team Brandon.  Even though, I do think he's the sappiest guy on the planet.  Ahh yes... he's fictional!
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins
Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
(So I didn't quite succumb to the peer pressure yet... still haven't read the hyped up Hunger Games trilogy.  Admittedly, having two children who have known the pain of hunger and starvation, I have a hard time wrapping my mind around reading of the same things for pleasure.  It just seems a little off, yet the books remain on my Kindle.  We'll see if I ever get around to reading them.)
Gazelles, Baby Steps and 37 Other Things Dave Ramsey Taught Me about Debt by Jon Acuff
  • A short, humorous read with some financial truths mixed in
The 5 Love Languages of Children by Gary D. Chapman, Ross Campbell and Ross Campbell MD
  • Review coming soon
The Fiddler by Beverly Lewis
  • Review coming soon

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