Monday, February 20, 2012

May Gratitude Increase

I'm personally getting so much out of my list of One Thousand Gifts.  Actually, before posting each Monday, I go back and re-read my previous week's list.  What a joy to re-live special moments and be reminded of God's goodness.  May my gratitude only and always increase!

119.  Icy-Hot No Mess Vapor Gel for Kids (good stuff!)
120.  the TOS Valentine Exchange (my kids LOVE mail!)
121.  a heart shaped diamond necklace from my Boy
122.  Godiva chocolate
123.  flower buds - soon to bloom
124.  antibiotics
125.  fulfilling a committment
126.  playing a recorder - minus squeaks :)
127.  an online community
128.  my children's prayers
129.  sweet memories of Meetcha & Gotcha Day
130.  a brief re-connection with some of our AWAA travel buddies
131.  sharing adoption stories & info with a small group
132.  being an AWAA Seminar speaking family
133.  my Kindle
134.  educational & charitable websites
135.  a Dad willing to serve and share God's love in Guatemala
136.  the boys saying memory verses
137.  Caleb's excitement from a game played in church


Stacy said...

You do indeed have much to be thankful for. :) I love your blog favorite color combo. Very uplifting.

Tereasa said...

Mmm... chocolate! Like your list! Happy Monday from a fellow adoptive mom! (Found you through Ann's blog.)

Kelly Hallahan said...

kids quoting Scripture- it doesn't get much better than that! Way to go! blessings to you from Uganda

Nacole said...

oh, a sweet list!

memory verses and online community...yes, i am thankful for community as well. such a blessing.

blessings to you, friend,