Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hello "ONE"derland!

Sweet, Sweet, "ONE"-DERLAND!
It's good to be back, but I NEVER, EVER should have left.

I'm a names and faces kind of gal rather than numbers.  If your phone number isn't safely tucked away in my cell, I can't call you.  Addresses, road numbers, etc. - totally lost on me.  Aside from important dates, there are only a few numbers etched in my memory forever.  I can tell you how much I weighed the day I got my license, on my wedding day, when I got pregnant with Caleb, and what I weighed right before giving birth.  Then, this past year, I reached my heaviest, largest number ever.  Ick... this is not a number I want to remember, but I will with plans to never return. 

Being that I was nauseaous and had little appetite the month of December and beginning of January, I lost 10 lbs.  Capitalizing on that situation, I decided to get myself in gear.  Since then I've lost an additional 4lbs, and this past week I re-entered ONE-DERLAND.  Woohoo!

Last week, I was a lurker only participating on the sidelines, and I lost 2 lbs.  Now, for accountability's sake, I'm going to link up with Marcy's 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge.  By April 30th, I'd like to lose 18 more lbs. to reach my goal of 20 lbs. in 90 days.

My goals for the upcoming week.
  1. Actually wear my Body-Bug every day to track my calories burned and activity level.
  2. Drink 8 glasses of water everyday.
  3. Physical activity 5 days this week.


Marcy said...

yay! good for you, friend. thanks for linking up!

Briana said...

Congrats! Great goals for this next week which is almost over now. I'll check back with you this weekend to see how you did.