Saturday, October 1, 2011

Galloping the Globe - South Korea

With a few other families, the kiddos and I are Galloping the Globe this year.  We are studying various countries across the globe.  Two weeks of independent study per country comes to a close with a culminating whole group get-together. 

Plagued by icky germs, our family had to miss out on the China gathering earlier in September, but all were feeling well this Friday and in attendance for South Korea.  In our two hours together, I questioned the kiddos on some basic geography, shared some interesting facts, showed a Korean Fan Dance video, and told the Korean folktale "Why the Sea is Salty." I also had the kids paint and assemble their own fans.  While it was my turn to be Mommy in charge, I can really only take credit for having wonderful friends.  Ms. Vickie, Ms. Kim, and Kelsey joined us and shared their personal experiences, pictures, souvenirs, and traditions.   

Ms. Kim also brought sticky rice for a snack which provided the kiddos with the challenge of eating with chopsticks.  This was a first for my kiddos.  The boys gave it a whirl, but Rachel went straight for the fork.  I encouraged her to give the chopsticks a try.  Reluctantly she did so, only to quickly abandon them and return to her trusty fork.  I do believe she ate three helpings of rice, so she is obviously a fan!  She even liked the soy sauce.  While the boys ate the rice, I think they enjoyed the flavored Quaker's Rice Cakes more.  

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