Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy Jack's

We traded in Southland's Fall Family Awesomeness at Boyd's Orchard for some Wells' Family Awesomeness at Happy Jack's Pumpkin Farm.  How did that happen?  Well, after church, we made a mad dash to the hospital to visit MaMa Spaulding.  We visited for a few minutes, left, rushed through Arby's drive-thru, ate in the car, and headed to join the Children's Ministry at Boyd's Orchard.  Even arriving 20 minutes early, the parking lot was packed.  After seeing cars circling looking for spots to no avail, we opted to skip out on this outing.  It appeared to crowded... call us claustrophobic, I guess.  The kids again impressed us this weekend.  They were completely understanding and content to try something else.

We headed to Happy Jack's, and we enjoyed a much less crowded venue for Fall Family Fun.  The kiddos enjoyed feeding the critters and were especially excited to have a prime spectator's spot for some hard core goat fights.  My, my... they were locking horns and going at with great bravado and gusto.  My boys were cheering.

The little ones posed for some photos and then we climbed onto the wagon. After riding out to the pumpkin patch, we hopped off on a search for the perfect family pumpkin. Once we returned, each kiddo chose a small pumpkin of their own. We saw the goats go across the bridge. Then, we left considering it our own Fall Family Awesomeness kind of day!



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