Saturday, October 22, 2011

All Aboard!

Scratching off another one of our Groupons, we ventured to New Haven, KY to visit the Kentucky Railway Museum.  Honestly, this trip left a lot to be desired, and I seriously doubt we will repeat this outing.  Had I paid full price for the museum admission and train ride, I would have been grossly disappointed.  Actually, I don't feel like we got our money's worth even at the discounted rate.

The museum is rather small.  Thankfully,  three Thomas train tables were in the room, so the kids did stay occupied for quite some time.  Outside, we were able to see a few train exhibits, but the building that housed the model trains wasn't open due to recent flooding. 

We were told to be outside at 1:30 p.m. preparing to board, so that our train ride could begin promptly at 2 p.m.  However, while in line at the correct time, an announcement was made saying that there would be a delay and boarding/departure wouldn't be until 2:30 p.m.  Believe it or not, my 6 year old boys and 5 year old daughter waited without complaint in line an additional hour.  We played more "I-Spy" that I cared to, but whatever it takes, right?

Once we were finally able to take our seats on the train, it appeared that the ride was oversold.  We waited forever for people to get situated and all find places to sit.  Some got off the train... not sure if the reason was lack of seating or not. 

The ride began, but our engineer/tour guide was extremely hard to understand when he talked and the microphone he was using garbled his speech to the point that we missed out on most of what was being said.  We traveled a whopping 11 miles through less than scenic terrain (farm, trailer park, river-that looked more like a creek, and a heart-shaped pond).  The train made a stop in the booming metropolis of Boston, KY - population 300, claim to fame a gas station/market.  We opted not to depart.  We weren't in need of a candy bar or pop or a trip to the porta-potties.  Instead, we froze to death for 20 minutes because someone had the bright idea to crank the AC in our railway car. 

At long last, the Boston pit stop came to an end.  Then, we traveled the same 11 miles in our return trip.  Originally, we should have returned at 3:30.  Instead, it was near 5 p.m.  Definitely, an inconvenience.  Oh well... they can't all be winners.  My kiddos were real troopers.  Even though they all agreed they were bored to death, they were exceptionally well-behaved.  The couples sitting across from us complimented them for being such great passengers, and my Momma heart was so proud.

Checking out the model trains
Taking a load off
It was nice of the museum to provide a train table for each of my children. 
Thankfully, a solid 20 minutes of entertainment.

My three cuties.
Rachel was not happy to be posing for this one.

Her mood changed for this one :-)

3 stow-aways on the caboose?

They're so cute...  I'll take them home with me :-)

 Momma's Munchkins
Daddy's Darlings

 Here comes our ride... choo, choo!

A cuddly seatmate for Daddy

Some pretty great company in my seat too!

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