Sunday, October 9, 2011

Party Like Your 6 Years Old

Well... almost!  My baby boy will be turning 6 on Monday.  Really???  That just doesn't even seem right, but it is true.  Since Daddy is on call Saturday and Sunday, the Spaulding family got together Friday night to celebrate my lil' man.

Per Caleb's request, we enjoyed pizza, fruit, and chips.  Caleb opened gifts and loved his new Transformers toys, books, clothes, pjs, monkey, and tent.  You'll see big brother Jeremiah waiting in the wings in several pictures.  Caleb's birthday is second best to his own.  They play so well together and share toys, so they both reap the benefits of a birthday. 

Rather than our traditional cake, Caleb opted for Transformers cupcakes and icecream.  The question for everyone was Optimus Prime or Bumblebee... decisions, decisions, but somehow we managed.  Although, a few were sporting blue lips and mustaches from the cupcake icing.  The hazard of enjoyment I suppose.

There was a little time for play before everyone had to head home.  Uncle Adam put up Caleb's tent in the basement, so he, Papaw, and the kiddos could play.  Then, Papaw just couldn't resist the TRY ME sticker on Caleb's mask, so Papaw "transformed" into Optimus Prime. 

Finally, the cutest gift of all... Malachi!  You know I'd open this gift every time... what a blessing he is to our family. 

It's always wonderful to celebrate with the ones you love, and Caleb definitely LOVES his family!

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