Friday, September 30, 2011

Dixie Belle Riverboat Ride

After our morning at Shaker Village, Melissa, McKenzie, and my crew met up with our M-I-N-D Homeschool group to cruise the Kentucky River palisades aboard the Dixie Belle Riverboat.  While waiting to board, the kiddos graciously posed for a photo op.  Since it involved climbing on a big rock, the boys were in! 

Just before departure, we felt our first few sprinkles.  In the spirit of optimism, we appeased the kiddos and seated ourselves on  the uncovered upper deck.  The random drops quickly changed to a rhythmic rain, so we abandoned our top level perch for the comfort of a roof overhead. 

(I actually thought I'd document that I was on this trip... I usually don't make any of the trip pics!)
 Down below, my little ones had to sit on their knees to peer over the boat's side.  They saw High Bridge, a waterfall, exposed cliffs, birds, and wildflowers.  To hear my boys tell it, they also saw large fish and water snakes.  I believe, they saw sticks and trash!  Rachel was hoping for sharks and dolphins, but I was definitely able to veto those far-fetched notions.

The rain cleared on our return trip, so we ventured up top again.  Rachel was very disturbed that the boat lacked musical entertainment, so she and McKenzie serenaded us with "Jesus Love Me" at least a dozen times.  The boys didn't join in... guess they were to busy on their search for wildlife. 

(McKenzie and my three, but no takers for a classic "I'm the King of the World" pose.)
All in all, we enjoyed our jaunt down the river.  We always look forward to outings with good friends and other homeschooling families.  It was also a pleasant change to enjoy a day outside and not be sweating horrendously.  Hooray for fall outdoor activities!  Where to next?

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