Thursday, September 15, 2011

Let's Get This Party Started!

A little quick on the draw, my side of the family got together on Saturday to celebrate Rachel's birthday.  A few days of shy of 5, but presents and cake still brought quite a twinkle to her beautiful brown eyes.  Of course, as always, her smile was radiant.  Oh how I love this precious birthday girl :-)

 Time for presents

 A new baby from Auntie Val & Uncle Adam.  Rachel even let Uncle Adam change the baby's diaper and clothes.  I know he was happy to get to play too!

 Mamaw & Papaw are keeping the Cabbage Patch Kid tradition alive.  I had 8 when I was little... I'm guessing now they have all melted and fused together in my parents attic.

 All smiles!

 Aunt Megan & Uncle Matthew gave Rachel a "big" baby, complete with real diaper bag and accessories.  Everything was so real that Malachi thought he'd found a girlfriend.  He had lots of kisses for the baby.  So cute!!!!

 There can't be a party without a cake!  5 candles this year.

Now to lick the icing off the candles...

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