Thursday, September 22, 2011

Getting Into Geometry - TOS Review


I've had the opportunity to review and use Getting Into Geometry with my kiddos.  Published by AIMS, this 264 page book is jam-packed with 48 educational activities.  Using this curriculum, children learn 2-D shapes, how to compose and decompose shapes, symmetry, 3-D solids, spatial relationships, and have many opportunities to practice these new concepts. 

We have not worked through the entire book, but some of the activities my little ones have most enjoyed include:  Making Models of shapes with straws and play-dough and Shapes on the Bus... complete with our new rendition of the "Wheels on the Bus" and an edible Shapes on the Bus treat.  They also really enjoyed Animals Shape Up.  My animal-lovers are quite clever and came up with some really cute critters out of circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles.

I find this curriculum to be a wonderful supplement to our current math program and plan to continue to use it throughout the year.  The activities are engaging and educational, and my children are responding well to Getting Into Geometry.  I believe, I'll be including other AIMS math and science titles in the future. 

Clearly, the book was written with a classroom setting in mind, but the large group activities can easily be modified for use at home.  However, if you had the opportunity to use Getting Into Geometry in a co-op setting, it would be ideal!  The purchase of the book allows the owner to make 200 copies of any portion of the book or CD contents. 
In closing, I'd be remissed if I neglected to comment on customer service.  Good is hard to find and  excellent customer service has almost become an oxymoron, but AIMS Education Foundation is the exception.  In what appeared to be a production/manufacturing error, I ended up with a perfect Getting Into Geometry book and a less than perfect CD.  In fact, I was missing the top fourth of the CD.  It appeared that it had been cut in a perfect straight line across the top, and there were two deep scratches at the bottom.  The CD enclosure was slit wide open as well.  Especially since I had a review copy, the company was under no obligation to do anything to remedy the situation.  However, after emailing about the problem, I received a quick, polite, and genuinely concerned reply.  Not only did I the representative apologize, but a plan of action was immediately put in place to send a replacement CD to me.  It was sent First Class and was accompanied with a personal, handwritten note.  Also, a new CD holder that would adhere to the back of the book was included.  AIMS sets the bar extremely high in regards to customer service.  I find this company's attentiveness both outstanding and refreshing!

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Before purchasing, feel free to view the table of contents and sample pages.
Purchase the book and CD for $24.95.
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AIMS Education Foundation
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Disclosure:  I received a complimentary copy of this product in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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Lisa said...

We reviewed the Earth Book, I was surprised how well we liked it. We didn't have any problems with our product but it is good to know that they are easy to work with.