Friday, September 30, 2011

My Movers & Shakers Hit Shaker Village

Our M-I-N-D homeschool group planned a trip to Harrodsburg to ride the Dixie Belle Riverboat.  Since we were boarding at Shaker Landing, it seemed like a waste to take that trip and skip Shaker Village.  I have great memories of going on school field trips to Shaker Village both as a student and a teacher, so I definitely didn't want my kiddos to miss out.  Through texts and a phone call, I coordinated with Melissa, and she and McKenzie (our summer outing buddies) joined us on Wednesday for our little excursion.  We haven't seen much of them since hitting the books in August, so this was a special treat.

We enjoyed the cooler temperatures and were able to stroll leisurely through Shaker Village...  well, as much as possible with 4 kids full of energy.  We enjoyed a musical performance in the meeting house, met many artisans working, toured the various buildings, and even cozied up with some of the critters.

I'm so glad that we didn't let the possible scattered showers detour us from taking this trip.  It's always nice to step back in time and get a glimpse of a simpler life.  Definitely, a lot we can all learn!

In The Meeting House before a presentation on Shaker Worship Music.

Can you spot my boys welcoming you to the Centre Family Dwelling?

 They couldn't be on a school field trip and avoid entering the schoolroom.

 Trying their hands at quilting... Caleb jabbed his finger with a needle, of course!

 This gentleman was making oval wooden boxes.  He answered the kiddos many questions.

 Broom-making... they were impressed how far the guy could shoot the straw when he cut it.

 What?  An elevator for food?  Wow!

 Good lil' Shakers - the boys & girls each stuck to their staircases, and yes, they did race!

Time to get spinning!

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