Monday, July 30, 2012

Miscellany Monday - Mostly "The Home Edition"

It seems I'm behind on updates, so hear is a random post.  Well, probably not so random since it will revolve around our preparations to move... like everything these days.

1)  House updates:  we now have a new roof, new gutters, a re-surfaced driveway, improved landscaping, a new front door, new flooring in the kitchen, updates fixtures in the bathroom, and an in-process decluttered house.  Still to come:  a painter for the entire interior, new windows across the front of the house, ripping out carpet in our bedroom, and continued decluttering.

2)  Due to our decluttering efforts, we have made so many trips to Goodwill in the past couple weeks that Rachel has decided she would like to work there someday.  High aspirations :-)

3)  It is so freeing to get rid of the massive amount of STUFF we have accumulated.  The kids have their toys organized in bins in their room.  They can actually find what they want to play with now that we've cleared out all the junk.  They have been real troopers and totally get giving things away.  I love their generous spirits and their lack of attachment to the "things" in their life.  I thought there would be more battles, but they honestly gave possessions away freely knowing they would bless others.  (Insert Proud Mommy moment!)

4)  I have no clue when our house will actually be on the market.... really hoping in the next couple weeks.  Sooner the better in my book!

5)  This past week, I took a whirlwind, overnight trip to Nashville to scope out a house with the hubs.  It would have been fine, but not quite what we're looking for so we decided no.  That stinks, but it was good to have a little time with Jon during the week.  The kids got to spend a couple nights with friends and swim which they loved, so it all worked out well.

6)  The rental house hunt in Nashville is proving more difficult than we had hoped.  It seems everyone has an opinion on where to and where not to live, but none of them align.  I'm coming to the conclusion that every suburb/community has a great area and not so great area.

7)  Since the for-sure decision is to simply rent for a year, I suppose I'm ok living about anywhere.  However, when it comes to buy, I think I'm going to be pretty picky.  I was always just "ok" with this house.  It has served our purposes well and has been a nice place to live, but I have more requests for our next home.  I want to REALLY LIKE it... if not LOVE IT!!!  My main request SPACE... if we're going to fill it up with kiddos we have to have room for them :)  Space for visitors would be nice too.

8)  Due to storm damage, we were without power for 40 hours this weekend.  Therefore, our realtor couldn't come take pics as planned, and my to-do-list didn't get tackled with as much vigor as I had hoped.  Ughhhh!  In addition, this prego Momma was hot, irritable, and emotional.  I had a stress-induced, ugly cry, meltdown Saturday just because I'm a bit overwhelmed.  It seems that no matter how much progress is still being made there is still so much to do.  Combine that with pregnancy hormones and solo-parenting throughout the week, and I think a breakdown was warranted. 

9)  I miss having my hubby home all the time :)

10)  We are in the beginning stages of chores and allowance.  There isn't a concrete system in place, but $$$ is definitely a motivator.  I'm getting lots of help around the house.

11)  I miss having a lazy summer or at least a busy FUN summer.  We've been tied to the house as of late, so the kids haven't gotten to be out and about enjoying all the great activities offered this time of year.  Yes, I do feel tremendous Mommy guilt for this :(  If we can just hold on to September, we'll all enjoy a much needed beach vacay!

12)  I'm in homeschool planning limbo.  I wanted to start early since we'll take off a bit when the baby is born.  However, I'm not sure how in depth I want to get knowing a move is just a few weeks out.  A dilemma that I have yet to solve. 

13)  I have an idea for a modified workbox system for this year, but I've not had the time to sit down and really iron out how it will operate. 

14)  Prego update... I'm 18 weeks.  At my 16 week appointment, I was told to gain weight.  It's not often fat girls get that direction :)  I've tried to be more conscious about that the past couple weeks, but only little progress has been made.  I have a feeling I'll be hearing more about that in a couple weeks.  While I may have only gained 4 pounds to date, my belly suggests otherwise.  It has popped way out and I'm noticeably prego... not the awkward is she just fat or is there something baking in that oven guessing game.  It's obvious.

15) I can feel the wiggle baby moving and that's always fun.  Can't wait till Jon and the kiddos can feel too... I think that will make it more real to the littles.  Although, I've noticed the past week that Caleb especially is all cuddly resting his head on my belly a lot.  Maybe he's getting it a little more!

16)  August 13th, we find out pink or blue.  Then, I'll have to get Jon to take my let's choose a name game seriously.  Trying to find something he doesn't veto is nearly impossible, but I have a couple favorites.  I'm holding out hope!!! 

17)  My batteries got recharged at church yesterday.  Great worship, our preacher was back with a wonderful message, and there were lots of baptisms.  Praise God!!!

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Summer said...

Wow you sound like a very busy momma! How sweet your kiddos gave things up so generously does give a momma a happy heart my Kelcee is that way as well, I did a post about it when we had heart and hand come pick up some things when we were de-cluttering, it always seems never ending the de-cluttering part. So you are purchasing two houses? Sounds like lots of renovations, I bet you will be super pleased when it is all done and you can take a breath and relax. Oh and you are preggers to props for doing all of that and being pregnant. How exciting to find out. Will follow to keep up with your story.