Monday, July 9, 2012

7 Tools for Cultivating Your Child's Potential - Book Club

The Pelsers 7 Tools Book ClubAmanda, who blogs at The Pelsers, is hosting a book club that I'm very excited to be participating in.  From July 9 - September 13, we will be reading 7 Tools for Cultivating Your Child's Potential by Zan Tyler.   I've got the book loaded on my Kindle, have printed off the journal/study guide, and joined the FB group.  Reading a chapter a week is very doable and will allow for plenty of time to reflect, and I love the fact there are so many others reading and discussing this book.  What a wonderful community!  

The following statement from the book's description sums up what I hope to glean from this study.  As you read, you will find exciting ways to enable your kids to establish a godly identity, discover their purpose, develop a biblical worldview, and build leadership and communication skills.  Sounds good, huh?  Well, it's not too late to join... this week we're just reading the introduction and appendix.  Check out all the details HERE.

For those book club members visiting The Wellspring of Life for the first time, WELCOME!  I'm so glad you stopped by.  A little bit about me...  I'm Angela.  I have the most wonderful hubby and three precious children.  Caleb is affectionately referred to as my hubby's "mini-me" since their resemblance is so striking, and Jeremiah and Rachel, our Ethiopian cuties, came home Feb. 2010.  We are all beyond blessed.  Also, we announced not long ago that we are expecting a little one in December, so more exciting times for our family.  If you stick around the blog awhile, you'll see that I post about my faith and God's many blessings, my funny kiddos, our homeschooling journey, and I passionately advocate for adoption and orphan care.  Now, don't be a stranger! 


Amanda Pelser said...

Glad you're join us for the book club!

Amy said...

Looking forward to reading this book, glad to see you are joining in as well. I'll look forward to reading your thoughts!

Amy @ Missional Mama