Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Anti-fungals for AHOPE - an update

As you recall, a little over a week ago, I put out a plea for my family, friends, FB followers, and blog readers to join me as FUNGUS FIGHTERS.  I'm so happy to report that we are nearing our goal of 100 tubes of anti-fungal cream to donate to AHOPE for Children, which cares exclusively for HIV+ children in Ethiopia.  Combined monetary and cream donations has our current total at 85 tubes!  Hooray!!!!  A HUGE THANK YOU to all who have contributed to this supply drive.

AHOPE is so appreciative of the donations because it is ever so difficult for them to obtain medicinal creams in sufficient quantities. As I mentioned before, basic over-the-counter items are desperately needed to treat skin conditions, cuts, scrapes, etc., that you would expect from kids in general and specifically in a large group of kids living in close quarters. Thanks to your generosity a huge need is being met. 

It is not too late to join the Fungus Fight since I'll be collecting the creams until July 15th.  We are 15 tubes away from our goal, and honestly, I think it would be a wonderful blessing to AHOPE if we are able to surpass it!!!!  Can you help make this happen?  Ways to help... Pick up 1 tube (or more) of anti-fungal cream... specifically Tinactin (Tolnaftate) and/or Lamisil (Allylamines).  Feel free to purchase the cheaper store brand as long as it contains the same active ingredient.  If it is more convenient, you can make a monetary donation.  Email me at angwells79@gmail.com for my mailing address or PayPal address. 

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